Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lulu Wonders How Much More Hypocritical Can KJ Get

“Don’t be like monkeys (beruk) on streets. If you want to fight, fight in the real ring like a man. During the general elections, we (Umno Youth) will fight and we will win!”
so says the one known as Beruk Oxfart who didnt even have to / dare to fight in the real ring like a man for a megre position in UMNO Youth. His other contenders dropped out like flies even before entering the ring.

updates 9:15am
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin urged the police to arrest those who attend the opposition-led gathering on Nov 10.
He said the gathering organised by Bersih was illegal as no permit had been issued.
“So police please be stern and catch them. It is not that I am being anti-democratic but this is a question of security. They are hypocrites,” he said in his winding up speech at the Umno Youth assembly.

so says the one who sendiri mengaku "that being the Prime Minister’s son-in-law has provided him “protection” which he wants to use to change things for the better" and organised a burning flag and childish threat rally against Condoleezza Rice when she was in KL as an invited guest of the Malaysian government.


Anonymous said...

What is a Ring?
A Ring is a link?
So a fight in a ring
when having a link?

Having link
no need on the Street?
Or, be monkeys on the streets?

So the GE is for the linked
and not for those in the Streets?

denzook said...

i thought more appropriately to say keris duel ?

or bersilat ?

so stupid ... who he think he is, john cena ? mike tyson ? pui ...

Hamzah said...

isn't this KJ the same beruk shouting on the streets during Condi Rice visit to KL?

Anonymous said...

What would the American electorate do if George Bush's son-in-law (that is, if he has one ) starting ordering the police to arrest opponents to Bush's Republican Party?

Yes, the US Supreme Court would ban the GOP within 24 hours. But here in Malaysia, the PM smiles and says, "I dunno"

Anonymous said...

"The Istana has asked BERSIH to submit the names of the representatives of the 100,000 delegation who will be going into the Istana to deliver the Rakyat’s Memorandum.

Invariably, 100,000 people will not be able to go into the Istana. This is an indication that Tuanku has perkenan (consented) to receive the representatives of the 100,000 delegation".

so this khairy wants to go against the Agong wishes?

dave said...

He can even say he is the acting PM because he is protected by his father-in-law. We can have a good laugh and then cry for the PM.

Pearls said...

That Khairy fella disgusts me....

I only read that few lines of his interview and found his comments repulsive. I couldnt bring myself to read anymore... I am not moronic neither stupid, so, therefore, I shall not read what he said..... Dont want to be rolled into his category!

Talk Kok only got!