Friday, November 02, 2007

Lulu Shocked To See Pictures Of MBSA Workers Pelting Stones

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But the highhandedness manner in which the Shah Alam council handled the demolition of the temple in their jurisdiction leaves Lulu greatly concerned, and is something that needs to be told and made known.

Shah Alam council blamed for bloody fracas
Nov 1, 07 7:34pm

Malaysia Hindu Sangam, the umbrella body for people of that faith, today blamed the Shah Alam City Council for the violence which occurred during the demolition of a temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya on Tuesday.
MHS president A Vaithilingam said MBSA mayor Za’ba Che Rus had no control over his enforcement officers who were throwing stones into the temple while a special religious ceremony was taking place.
“The confrontational retaliatory action by the MBSA enforcement officers was in our opinion the cause for the violence in the temple,” said Vaithilingam in a faxed statement.
When contacted for clarifications, Vaithilingam said eye-witness reports claim MBSA enforcement officers were initially pelted with stones from a group of unknown individuals.
“But it did not come from the temple. How can they (MBSA personnel) attack devotees like that? No enforcement body in the world attacks people with stones,” he said.
In his written statement, Vaithilingam said those injured at the hands of MBSA enforcement officers included T Ganesa, the Selangor chairperson of MHS.
However, he stressed that the police were restrained compared to MBSA officers.
Against procedures
Vaithilingam also slammed Za’ba for allegedly personally telling temple authorities at 9am on Tuesday that the temple was to be demolished in the next two hours.
He said the temple was a large structure with many facilities that cannot be relocated in the short period of time.
“What else can the innocent devotees do when given only two hours? Attempting to destroy deities (in the temple) is very sensitive and is considered an insult to the Hindu community,” he added.
Vaithilingam also criticised Za’ba for reneging an agreement between MBSA, the Selangor state government, MIC officials and temple officials on Oct 28. The deal apparently gave the temple a grace period until Deepavali celebrations. Deepavali will be celebrated by all Hindus on Nov 8.
Vaithilingam also urged MIC leaders to open dialogue with leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) to resolve the matter.
Five-inch parang wound
In a separate development, Hindraf legal advisor P Uthayakumar revealed that some of the devotees who suffered injuries during the scuffle were not given immediate medical attention.
Citing an example, Uthayakumar said that he witnessed one detainee who had a five-inch cut on the head while he was detained at the Section 11 Shah Alam police station.
He claimed that the wound was inflicted by a MBSA enforcement officer with a parang.
He added that the detainee was not given medical attention even after 24-hours of the incident.
“Only after persistent appeals by Hindraf did the police take this victim to the hospital,” said Uthayakumar, in a letter to Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail.
The letter was made available to Malaysiakini.
In his letter, Uthayakumar urged Abdul Gani to take immediate action against those responsible for the injuries suffered by devotees during the open fracas.
Uthayakumar and three other lawyers were arrested while accompanying devotees who were lodging a report on the incident in Kampung Karuppiah, which is located within Kampung Rimba Jaya.


denzook said...

sure or not mbsa carrying parang and slashing ppl...

Anonymous said...

best bet would be to send this story and accompanying video clip to press in Tamil Nadu. Then we will see if this government is ever going to get any more contracts from India.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it clear now what the no-local election thing has even produced with impunity?


denzook said...

"Then we will see if this government is ever going to get any more contracts from India" -

sure or not, the indian government will say "serve you right, who ask you to leave motherland and go to 'tanah melayu' ". same thing applies to chinese.....

macanhitam said...

it was indeed another sad day for us. pass this clip around;

tonixe said...

One thing you can give high marks to team toyo is that his gang is pretty consistent and nary a care for the bigger federal picture.

locked in his own developed state as defacto ( sounds dreadfully nauseatingly familiar dun it dear ?) Emperor Big can do what he likes , enriching ultimately his own wealth and leisure.

Waiting for the equally awful forever coming GE could be like the end of the world isn't it ?

the time is N O W ! Our lawful(hahaha) responsible population, businessmen, religious bigots , boys and girls including scatching Bloggers...what on earth can you do really ?

Anonymous said...

Don' t think d FatTail AG will take any action on the MBSA enforcement officer with a parang or the one caught in the act of hurling a rock.

He knows what he should do and if he has to be called upon to it, it means he is sloppy even if he then does it. The media wiil not report "negative" news because everything must be "positive" the dream of Camelot!


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
Watching the Malaysiakini video left me with a deep sense of sadness and desacration. What has happened to this nation which purports to honour and respect religious freedom ?
Abraham Lincoln once spoke for the highest ideals of democracy - the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Malaysia now has a government of Racial Supremacists, by Thugs and for the benefit of Cronies.

A very sad day for the nation.

arifabdull said...

Tragedi Kg Rimba Jaya bukan isu perkauman oleh A Sivarajan

"Tiba –tiba pada 30 Oktober , 2007, sebaik sahaja kuil dirobohkan, maka muncul pula hero-hero ini yang mewujudkan sentimen perkauman. Kononya pihak polis, MBSA ’muslim’ telah merobohkan kuil Hindu. Bagaimana pula dengan surau? Kerana sebenarnya, surau itu juga dirobohkan oleh pihak MBSA ’muslim’ dengan bantuan pihak polis ’muslim ’ atas arahan Menteri Besar ’muslim’!"

"Pemikiran sempit mereka ini harus ditentang. Presiden MIC, Datuk Seri Samy Velu juga telah bergesa-gesa ke tempat kejadian, kononya untuk memberhentikan perobohan tersebut. Tidakkah pihak-pihak ini dapat melihat berpuluhan keluarga yang berdiri di tepi jalanraya tanpa rumah untuk berteduh? Kenapa isu perobohan kuil sahaja yang dipertikaikan?"

"Tragedi Rimba Jaya dengan jelas menunjukkan bahawa sejak tahun 2003, ianya adalah suatu pertembungan antara pihak yang berkuasa - yang berkomplot dengan kapitalis, pemaju, pemilik tanah - untuk menindas dan menghalau kaum peneroka miskin, tanpa mengira sama ada mereka ini Melayu atau India. Peneroka bandar sama ada Melayu, Cina atau India ditimpa nasib yang sama."