Friday, November 09, 2007

Lulu Really, Really Wish She Didnt Have To Take This Walk

I really wish I didnt have to.
I'm really not the sort who berkobar-kobar want to go.
I'm a fluffy, giddy-headed air head.
An hour ago, I was watching Project Runway Malaysia and my heart was beating really hard to Alex to win. But she didn't, and I felt argh.... for her.
Two hours ago, I was at Sunway Pyramid. I bumped into an old friend who was out with his kids. Within two minutes, Auntie Lulu was amusing them with stories of vegetarian dinosaurs.

But understanding how elections work in this country, and the sort of people who are voted in to Parliament because of it, I realise this is a walk I have to take.
If not, then the unfairness will not only continue, it would get worse. A lot, a lot worse. What sort of future would we then be leaving our children?

There are four main meeting points.
1. SOGO Shopping Complex : Stop at Sogo / Bank Negara Komuter Station / LRT STAR Bandaraya
2. Masjid Jamek KL : Stop at Masjid Jamek / LRT Masjid Jamek
3. National Mosque : Stop at KL Komuter or Railway Station.
4. Central Market : Stop at Bangkok Bank / LRT Putra Pasar Seni
I'll be part of the group meeting at Central Market.

pray for us
if you can, come join us

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nat said...

but lulu will not walk alone.... :)