Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Lulu Love Story - The Makcik and The Hunk

Lulu's friend, The Hunk also attended the march.
Because he set out a little later than Lulu, he could not meet up to march with her.
So, The Hunk marched alone.
without Lulu,
armed with his trusted camera in the rain.

The Hunk wanted to take pictures, lots and lots of them,
but he was having difficulties holding his camera steady
whilst pressing the button
AND shielding his lens from the rain.

A sweet makcik, noticing The Hunk in distress offered him shelter under her umbrella.Yup, The Hunk in distress was rescued by a makcik in a shining red umbrella.

Yes, this is a love story
A makcik and a hunk
A kampung girl and a city boy
An elderly lady and a young man
The story of the love of a woman and a man
for their country.

As far as Lulu knows, they did not marry each other
but will they live happily ever after in Malaysia? Lulu's a dreamer... Lulu hopes so...

Lulu hopes you enjoy his photos!


Im[a]She said...

wowww...I should have been there to support..

Anonymous said...

Affection counts NO on AGES
Justice looks NO on FACES
nor RACES!

They need only a heart
to those being disregarded.
As human cannot live without guard!
So a fair society is all to be regarded!

The Makcik shows no hesitation
to give the Hunk a voluntary protection
with no obligation.

Can we find similar affection or protection
when PM and Police have their obligations?

We feel the warmth
to see the Makcik and the Hunk
with a smile and an umbrella hold.
We share the thrill
when march was being hunt
with Water Cannons and Teargas thrown.

These two doesn't match
but they were spotted
almost at the same spot!
Why PM should say a lot
or he is terribly lost?
Without Feel
just to say "get lost"?
when people without fear
just want to say "We are not Lost"!

.......Sharing with a heart.....

Anonymous said...


Good lead in your blog...the makchik and the hunk. Love for country!!

What about the "demo" and the 'rally". Some political leaders still cannot figure out, what's a "demo" and what is a "rally." They should go back to kindergarten to know the difference.

Khairy gathering against USA Rice" was a "demo" and the Bersih gathering was a "rally." I hope this explained to political leaders who are really "brain-dead.". Hence, they "squeaked" in the lap-dog press, "Don't take part in street "demos." "They cause unnecessary tension and don't benefit the people."

May I ask then, "Does a flawed and fraud electoral system" benefit the people? Does an executive arm with corrupted politics benefit the people? Does a eroding demon-cratic system bring good to the country?

Stupid Leaders

Anonymous said...

Leaders Stupid? if People not Stupid??
Rome was not built in one day!
Constitutions & Laws came after many many years.
Why suddenly 50,000 or more want to heal
only when a lot are arrear?

All because selfishness are on the wheel
so fairness had not started with some Legal practitioners
who had started the constitutions
or the Acts
that affect every daily lives.
A MP systems with Fair not in their mind!

Did the legal industry voice what should be right
when many Housing Rights being deprived?
Condo or Apartment nobody care which should be Right?

If basis cannot be Right,
or care to be Right,
Lives will only be a paper white
with Politicians doing the Black & White!!
People will not be able to write!!

or mis-guide?
Care & Understand & Insist your Rights
or we have to talk who's Stupid
after being timid
or many things not alright!

Selfishness & Carelessness were the causes
so Rights keep on lost!!

puvanan said...

Good snaps! They are clearly showing the huge crowd and overhelming support from fellow Malaysians who walked their talk to bring the flicker of hope and success to this country. Bravo!