Friday, November 09, 2007

Lulu Hopes This Is Another Of Our PM's Empty Promises

but Lulu's got a lousy feeling that he is going to have a hand in making the prophecy "surely something bad is going to happen" come true.
source: Malaysiakini


carboncopy said...

AAB is promising to put Malaysia into the same league as Burma and Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

MARCH TO TELL THE TRUTH - Constitution Approved!!
It is still in every ears
since the last 4 years
that PM want to hear
the Truth!

But nothing seems to have put through!
When only recognized media are their tool.

Nothing had done to heal
the broken hearts in the rear
to put Transparency, Accountability and Credibility into real.
The judiciary is arrear.
Auditing had been revealed
but Corruptions remain gearing
with more wheels!

There was walk
to tell the Truth
But doesn't seems to move
so a march with all walks
will be the second move
to see if PM will be moved
to handle the blues!
Under which the CONSTITUTION approved!!
This is the Law is to be used!

team bsg said...

a threat which surely will backfire till kingdom come !

The holiman speaketh with triple nay quadruple tongues.

the gentleman has become wastefully polluted.

the loving husband shows his ultimate fakeness

aren't they all da same ?

Anonymous said...

surely this guy can't be serious...whats the problem with him?

challenging who? challenging him? so what but then again hardly worth it..

10eleven is about a free, fair & clean election machinery.

Anonymous said...

There were the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia, the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the 2005 Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan, the failed Saffron Revolution in Myanmar and many more throughout the world. Each time massive street protests led to the resignation or overthrow of leaders considered by their opponents to be authoritarian. So can our own Yellow Revolution succeed?

Anonymous said...

The old shaman of hadarism knows that his with clean, free and fair elections, his party's current stranglehold of the country would be flushed down the toilet once and for all. That's why he's not allowing the march

denzook said...

why he likes to use "rakyat" in the statement ? the last time scenic bridge he said the bridge was cancelled because of rakyat. now he said the rally is banned because the rakyat wants peace. what kind of bullshit ...

should be said "they are challenging my patience who want this to be peaceful and stable" which is more suitable.

Anonymous said...

"but Lulu's got a lousy feeling that he is going to have a hand in making the prophecy "surely something bad is going to happen" come true."

110% sure thing(Lingam's type of percentages)!

What do foxes do in hen houses?


Anonymous said...

AAB probably cracked his own topeng(mask) in the events that followed as this is the Internet Age and with the International media's coverage.