Friday, November 30, 2007

Lulu Despairs As The Rich Grow Richer and The (Already So Poor) Grow Poorer

the rich grow richer

Elite is operated by Expressway Lingkaran Tengah Sdn Bhd, BKE by Malaysia Mining Corporation and NNKSB by Syarikat Konsesi. Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong. The NSE, SPDH and the Causeway are operated by PLUS Highway.
The highway concessionaires are one of the bigger rip-offs of the nation's money. The people who created these concessionaires were drafting out an agreement that guaranteed certain parties to become very rich, whether the highway was used or not.
Dont think that Badawi's regime has no new highway concessionaire either. The Kesas Kota Kemuning Interchange was signed with a a40 year concession.

the poor grow poorer

These accused persons in Kuala Lumpur were offered a bail of between RM1,500 and RM3,000 each.
Unlike Abdul Razak Baginda who would have been most willing to pay a million ringgit bail, fifteen people could not afford the bail and have been taken to the Sungai Buloh prison to be remanded. Their cases will be heard between Jan 3 to Feb 11.
Like Abdul Razak Baginda, they will sit in jail until their case is heard.
Lulu hopes that they do not have family to support, else there will be 15 families out there who will really, really suffer.


Anonymous said...

One sure telltale sign that the richs are indeed getting richer is the mushrooming of elite fine watch shops around Klang Valley. Many 'richies' whose monies come easy would pick up a new RM25K-100k watch every other month. Very sickening development especially when most of the 'well-connected' enjoy so many incentives even taxes. w9

Sharing said...

with million RM on the move
by a Concessionaire under the Table
selling Trust of the People.

With OSA covering the Truth
not only guarantee profit
but increasing tariff!
With what to support
or what are the rules?
With BIAS and contradictions
to any business rules!

Is this business
or politic
or magic?

Can an Injunction be sought
to get these straighten up
before talking any tariff up?

NO MORE MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


can initiate fund raising exercise to help these people to raise bail? i am no supporter of hindraf but their plight strikes a chord in my heart and i am sure many malaysians (except umno and mic fellas) feel the same way

Anonymous said...

The government has always contended that it is very magnanimous every time it so grandiosely, as well as so stupidly, announced that it is not raising toll on some highways.
It thinks that it is doing the citizens of this country a big favour by paying the toll concessionaires out of government funds. However, it never seems to learn that these funds come from the pockets of tax-payers who happen to be members of the public!!
It shows very clearly that the government is treating public funds like its own!
No wonder they can be so stupidly grandiose.
What a bunch of nincompoops!

sharing said...

HORNING DAY on the Toll!
Can we fix the Date and Time
for a HORNING day?
towards the Hijack of Toll
if nothing can be hold?
In Rush Hours I suppose?

Along the highway
they thought those are milky way
to hidden pockets underway
with People fooled all the way!

Horn Samy for Transparency!
Horn Highway Co. for accountability!
Horn to say People must have Dignity!
Horn to CRY without Tears
remembering the Blood and Sweat
and the Bullies that continue to spread!!

sharing said...

Human Rights to be rooted
for any lawyer to talk fairness en route!

NO toll can be raised
with terms and conditions under OSA
hiding BIAS or illogical in the contract!

Raise a "Human Rights Fund"
a RM10 to a special account
with direct deposit or transfer
with same display on blog
to cast a kind of vote!

Injunction to get transparency
and accountability
with straightening of any contradictory
before any tariff please!

This should also help the Bail
towards anyone challenged with Human Rights
with contribution from ALL
Hope Lawyers & Courts to put it right!

ALL Drivers a RM10 to a "Toll Fund"
with fax or e-mail their details for Plaintiff on the list
giving numbers in grievance in one piece!

Both under Malaysian Rights Fund
to be audited and transparent to run!
Anyone like mavrky will help?


Anonymous said...

These tolled roads are under concession.The best option is boycott them and use the old roads, and we go back to basic capitalism. Nothing is free