Sunday, November 11, 2007

Let Lulu Tell You Here and Now, There Were A Lot, A Lot More Than 4,000 People

saw this stupid piece of news in the Star Updates.
The opposition-led illegal gathering involving some 4,000 people ended with a memorandum being handed over to Istana Negara. The memorandum called for free and just elections.
seriously, if it was 4,000 people, do you think the police would have mobilised road blocks on Federal Highway, Sg Besi, SPRINT highway and all the major highways entering KL?
Do you think they would have deployed at least 10 FRU trucks to Masjid Negara, prepared trucks hidden in Masjid India to charge at Sogo,
Would they have had helicopters hovering above the skies in KL?
Blocked off the whole Dataran Merdeka?
Stopped the LRTs from stopping at Masjid Jamek and Central Market?
Deployed 4,000 policemen and FRU for "some 4,000" protestors?
Does this look like "some 4,000" protestors?
Maybe they mistook the 4,000 police personnel they deployed to spoil the people's appointment with the Agong.
yes! it has to be a typo.
Maybe what they meant to write was
The opposition-led illegal gathering involving some 4,000 people policemen with a memorandum being handed over to Istana Negara. The memorandum called for free and just elections.

That's it!
The Star can't be out there printing misinformation like this to people who pay RM1.20 to read news. They're an honourable reputable newspaper which tells the people news. If they weren't allowed to write about the event, wouldnt the honourable Star have just not said anything about the event?
typo, it has to be a typo.


tonixe said...

We were in Masjid Majek station where at least 10,000 people were trying to get into Dataran Merdeka.
We were sprayed too with tear gas near OCBC. 50,000 in all 4 corners is probably near enough.

Nex round ( make it soon ) we hope we can be a team of 4 + Lulu among 1,000,000

fred said...

Looks like they are only going to focus on the Masjid Jamek incident and completely ignore the people who in all probability managed to scare the crap out of the FRU near the Istana. 4,000 my foot!

Anonymous said...

typo? aint no typo. time to drop the daily disinformation from this paper, just as the boycott of nsaty pee? think its time for me to do that after more than 2 decades of unwavering support for this paper. here I come, THE SUN. at least it only cost me 30 cents delivered to my home. come to think of it, why am I paying a premium for some inaccurate garbage news.

koolgeek said...

CNN also reported more than 4000.

But they called our capital LumpAr.

Sagaladoola said...

Hahahah.. I like that part about the "typo" thing.. hahahaha....

Darn right, what are they going to say next .. goodness gracious....

It is indeed weird that the 40,000 gathering pictures did not make it to the papers.....

I have forwarded those that I took to my friends .. Now it is being heavily circulated on the net....

Salute, Information Age ....


KY said...

the state of local news is a bit sad.

Pearls said...

So, how many people actually did turn up for the march? I do know that all local newspapers and TV stations toned down their reports on this march and perhaps it is for a good cause.

Is not that I am a supporter of the current government, trust me, I am not and equally frustrated with all the happenings but how do we make a definite positive change?

I may not be a very clever person or follow the happenings in Malaysia religiously but I do know that the Opposition parties we have are not getting things right! The Opposition parties that we have is indeed in a very sorry state of affair. They make noise, they criticise, they point out the wrong doings of the ruling party, they even bicker and spew childish words in parliament for all to see and I am just waiting for them to actually throw chairs and climb over to the other side of the parliament and whallop the BN MPs.. yah, just like in Taiwan, all in the name of check and balance, all in the name of transparency and good governance. BUT, after all these hoo-haa, what is the action plan? What are the Opposition's big plans to counter or perhaps rectify mistakes made? WHAT IS/ARE THE SOLUTION(S)AFTER THE MISTAKE IS POINTED OUT? I always see a lot of fault finding but no remedy from the Opposition. This is not the way it should be!

For me, I view that in order for an opposition party to be successful and powerful, it will have to come up with solutions to every fault finding they embark on. As a voter, I need an opposition party who not just do the check and balance but to provide me the solution for the mess that we are in. Fault finding is something everyone of us can do but providing the solution to a better governance is not something we all can do and that is what the opposition is suppose to do.

I believe if the opposition is able to provide constructive solution to every fault they find with our ruling party, BN might just be toppled and be part of our History. But, after 50 years of independence and being an opposition party, I do not see this coming up. I dont see an improvement in the opposition party's way of handling this whole fiasco. It is the same for the last 50 years for crying out loud!! HOW!??

I want to vote for a party who not just take care of my interest and provide a check and balance to ensure good governance and transparency. I want to vote for a party who is intelligent enough to spot a mistake or fraud and also come up with a solution and make the ruling party sit up! I want a change for the better and not just simply a change!!

So, Ms Lulu, tell me, with this march, besides showing the whole world how unhappy we, the working ass class are, what else are we showing? If there should be a march, there should be a march with a cause and solution! A march that will make the ruling party aware that they are up against not some empty vessels who is loud and noisy but vessels that have substance and ability to give them a good fight!

I want to vote but not when there is nothing worth voting for. I want to march but not when there is nothing worth marching for!

Jonathan said...

4000 only..... like Iraqi Info Minister saying "Where got American" when they are just outside Baghdad storming in....

Anonymous said...

Why pay RM1.20 to get insulted?

People should get their acts together and give the MSM a 4-day boycott as a first signal to 'em. Speaking of "false news" for which several people have been prosecuted in the past.

Been under the thumb of Zam does not exonerate the MSM - certainly not completely.


Anonymous said...

Can't you all remember the dumbo ceo's orders to all MSM to play down the bad news? Plus to spin up all the good news, such as the pitiable incompetent space tourist (who can't even do a spacewalk but called himself a cosmonaut)

Anonymous said...

unlike the journalists in islamabad, those in STAR, when spelled backward...

has no pride in their works, just like sewage rodents scurrying in the dark.


Anonymous said...

I too am deeply disappointed with the editorship of the star - is there any correllation with Wong CW being given a "Grandfathership" + elevated to acting cheep editor??? I thot that he would have some gumption as a person embracing a certain faith to speak the truth, or as you said, don't even mention the number, rahter than just do a 10% report. My family wonders why I stopped buying the star as from this Sunday, the situation is sickening!!

Pearls said...

eh... weekend edition of Star is RM1.50 la! Sudah naik harga long time la....

Anonymous said...

Actions to take:

(1) Boycott mainstream newspapers controlled by political parties and government broadcasting media;

(2) Boycott all BN political candidates and not voting them in;

(3) Boycott placing advertisements in those mentioned;

(4) Convince your close friends and relatives to do the same.


Eway said...

Tip of the hat for Pearls. You managed to say what I wanted to say bout people that did not march on Saturday. It is not all BERSIH it also showed the general discontent amongst the people. Does not mean the people are going to vote opp next round.

BTW this march was mainly a city affair not so much a kampung affair. And that is why pak lah may still win the election albeit with a lesser majority. He won't be saying anymore bout this protest if he is smart(when has he been?)cause it will be giving more fuel for the opp. Let's just hope he puts another foot in the mouth to piss off everyone not just city folks.

moo_t said...

AAB "This is not our culture" get printed.

And guess what, not many people spot the dire results of "This is not our culture". If it is not our culture, wonder how Malaysia gain independent from British? SCOMI bought it from British?

MaryKate said...

Hi LULU,ok, my hat's off for you to take part, you and 40,000 odds of Malaysians, they represent the millions of us!!

Thank you for standing up for us.

Anonymous said...

Should Wrong be Right if only 4000 be right?
Voting is their addicts
so everything numeric
even justice be the logic
and not politics!

If things be correct,
can NGOs collect
40,000 with risks of arrest
without much direct?

PM takes this as politics
tells the King not to give credits.
So who is panic
to change 40,000 to 4,000 by magic?

Having wisdom is terrific
and talk not on politics
but realistic.
People only be optimistic
if election Commission be specific
with ethics!

Let us see the wisdoms
not repeating the old rhythms!

denzook said...

let's see how malaysia counter singapore argument, hopefully not with the antics "stupid stupid", "racist", "bocor", "god", "pondan", etc etc etc....

maybe gani patail can quote nazri singapore is not a country, so pulau batu putih belongs to malaysia. and malaysia wins the case ....

or maybe malaysia can threaten the little red dot by shutting down water pipes "kasi tutup pili baru tau" and ban sand and airspace ....

Anonymous said...


If you follow closely, the opposition do provide the solution for most of the problems or issues that we are facing. We can get all this from their website, during forum and many more channels. For sure, we can't get this info from mainstream media. However, i agreed with you that sometime they like to make a complaints without giving any solution.

For the march, the cause very clear for me. You can read the petition here

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

badawi : "... the royalty will not be trapped into the opposition politics"

but seems like umno been doing this to the king for the last 20 odd years.. guess finally badawi admitted to it.


on the other end, march for a clean & fair election, why do najib has to make it look like a race issue? guess that thick racist blood still boiling deep in his veins and... still harbouring great hatred for the chinese in this country? izzit?

let hope he make peace with himself with this...

This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006, Written by an African Kid

When I born, I black

When I grow up, I black

When I go in Sun, I black

When I scared, I black

When I sick, I black

And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow

When you born, you pink

When you grow up, you white

When you go in sun, you red

When you cold, you blue

When you scared, you yellow

When you sick, you green

And when you die, you gray

And you calling me coloured ??

Shame on you !!!

~~~ arTong

Dave said...

we marched for free and fair election - isnt that something worth getting "basah" for?

diamond said...

Lulu, your analysis is correct except for refering to the star as honorable and reputable!

Pearls said...


Yes, I know it is to get the Agong to do something, anything about the pathetic situation we are in. But haven't we forget that our Agong doesn't meddle with the running of the country. I think it is in the constitution or something. Our Agung is just for show with maybe a bit of power to sign some documents here and there advised by our dumbo PM. NO ah?! Hmmm....

OK.. even if the Agong do read the petition and actually want to do something, what can he possibly do? Sack the PM? Well, that would not be in the best interest for all you know. The domino effect of Agong sacking the PM can cost us more than just a few days of tension!

Yes, we need to do something but instead of making it a big time demonstration and giving the Agung a memorandum about how unhappy we are, how badly things are run these days, yadda, yadda, yadda.. wouldnt it be better to be a simple a stroll to the palace to show the Agung our support for him to be just and fair? No need to say so much about how bad or how wicked or how crappy things are... I am sure our Agung is a clever man, he surely knows that so many people coming over to his palace to show him support is not for scones and tea or for the matter, to take pictures of his guards sitting on some horse rite!? Of course, serious case la!

Like I have said earlier, yes, we gotta do something, but can we do something that is effective and productive instead of getting all whacked up like some 5 star hotel omelette and have a bunch of idiots for ministers calling us all sorts of names and making us, including these blabber mouth ministers look damn stupid.

Anonymous said...


Problems can be found many where
Guides are given somewhere
Solutions can be anywhere
it starts if people AWARE
and DARE to say if it is unfair
and INSIST to be fair
after KNOWING what are Right
and WHO has the Rights
and WHOSE duty to see that right!

The March is to get the system Right
so that everyone can exercise their Rights!

Take Subang Ria
The Town Park should be 58ha
But, the park was in a "wrong" title of 30ha
that need only to be canceled
but buyback are in some mental!
MPSJ keep it unsettle
so the Developer can keep it idle.

Do you think the 40,000 not knowing the facts?
Even a lawyer said
but anyone or lawyer acts?

The Parties drag
because the system is a mess!!
But who Dares
or who cares?
At least Town Park behind Subang Parade is no more there!!
Who should care?
Whose duty been arrear?

Can you see the logic
or who are playing the magic?

Old Fart said...

In New Zealand a new TV series which had quite a few advertisers lined up to advertise during commercial breaks pulled out because it was soon discovered it was almost porn. They did not want their products or companies to be associated with porn.

The Star Newspaper together with all other Mainstream media have proven themselves as purveyors of misinformation. Since a lot of what is published or broadcast by them is misinformation and lies, can it be that the advertisers who promote their products and companies might also be suspect?

Why do respectable companies in Malaysia associate with liers and purveyors of false information?

Anonymous said...

Pearl: " weekend edition of Star is RM1.50 la! ".

Proof that I haven't bought any for a very long time, and wouldn't for even 15 sen!

About time to plan the boycott of the sordidly lying MSM.


Pearls said...


Yah la, I also know what you have said about fair and clean and all. And I totally agree with all that. I am for it but isnt there a better way to put forth that demand?

Personally, I dont agree with demonstration at all. It is wrong!It is not that I am afraid. I find that such show of discontentment doesnt have the much desired effect except that it gives the ruling party a very good reason to clam down hard on everything in the name of how uncivilised/un-rational demonstrators can be!! I am sure we all have seen and read about some other government in this world using this "how uncivilised demostrators are" as an excuse to deny their people their rights and put the whole country into a state of emergency. We dont want this happen here do we?

Demonstrations will always turn rowdy. There is no 2 way about it. When one attend a demonstration, one is to expect that law and order will be enforced at all cost. So, to those people out there who think that it's wrong for the enforcement unit to use water cannon or tear gas, you better wake up. Water cannon and tear gas are the mildest method used to break up demonstration. There are far far worse methods that we have yet to see being used here. So, for the life of me, I cannot understand why some parents bring their kids and toddlers to such demonstrations. It is not a picnic or as simple as a walk to show how unhappy you are. It is a serious shit illegal affair thing and kids must be spared of all its effects at all cost! What nonsense bringing the kids. Behaving in such irresponsible manner only give the ruling party more bullets to shoot you and the cause you believe in.

Sigh.. if we want to see an effective change and win, we gotta play smart. We cannot go around behaving like a spoilt child throwing tantrums... We need to show the ruling party we are very capable of rational thinking and behaving in a civilised manner, so they, the ruling party better dont come and shit around with us.

diamond said...

Pearl, you are so naive....

Anonymous said...

Pearl, unfortunately I've to agree with Diamond. The power that be has proven itself insensitive and self-serving and also in the process, very cavalier in its attitude. You are not really dealing with acceptable rationality (of common decency)here but clear persistent deceit.

In this particular Bersih thing, it is very necessary ; the authorities could have long ago responded and address the decrepit and UNFAIR election process - it's not that they don't know!

I'm not enthused with demonstrations(as something habitual) either but a peaceful rally is not a demonstration ; neither need to necessarily turn violent if well managed.

In the mundane affairs of society, these show of protest is sometimes necessary to make an impression. Here was an instance that's fully justified by circumstances.


carboncopy said...

Pearl's opinion is not isolated case. It might seem isolated among sopo bloggers and sopo blog readers. But it is not minority voice in the general public.

First of all, I applaud Pearl for her initiative to find out things for herself. There are many many out there who will not do the same. They will just accept BN-Owned-Media (BOM) "bulat-bulat".

The challenge for us sopo bloggers and readers is to bring our family, friends and acquittance to state of awareness.

With respect to Pearl, her opinion about state of DAP, PKR and PAS (current opposition parties) and their ability to provide solution to current mess created by BN is a testament to the success of BN's propaganda system.

BN have effectively turn our national school system into very influential and successful brain-washing propaganda system. It begins the day kids step into school at 7 year old. (You might think this is some kind of conspiracy theory, it is not)

A kind suggestion to Pearl, and also to many of our family, friends and acquittance. If you truly care for Malaysia and its future, you would want to do something. At that something is change of government, as it is common knowledge that current is rotten to the core. If we want change, we need an alternative, but do we really know what are the alternatives? Please find out for yourself, and not use only BN-owned-Media to form your opinion. Read Uncle Kit's blog. For every rotten issue he brought up, he has contributed his suggestion to the government for change.

And the best of all, you and I, everybody can help mould this alternative. To Pearl and the silent majority, I challenge you to email Uncle Kit your criticisms, suggestions, problems, etc.

Pearl and the silent majority, the rule of thumb in current information age is to always try to do independent verification on news aired by ANY party or media. For Pearl, am sure you know that by now since you are here.

As on streets demonstration/rally/picketing/protest, on high level head info, it is part of democracy.

On practical level, we Malaysians are too sensitise of such democratic activities because yet again BN knows the REAL effect of such democratic activities. It empowers the people, it is part of rule by the people (not rule of mob, as currently is by UMNO). Therefore BN demon-ise such lawful democratic activities.

On the disruptiveness (not destruction) on "normal" life of KL. The extend of disruptiveness we witness on November 10 would be for a force of 20 million people on the streets peacefully. And at that number, no cars would be on the street, the whole nation have converge and united for the same cause.

My point is, the disruptiveness was caused yet again by BN via police.

I was there personally at BERSIH rally, I have never felt so safe walking in KL among such huge crowd. The only threat I felt was from the presence of heavily armed police. Think about it.

And as for the silly notion that demonstration, rally, public gathering is not part of our culture; do read Fahmi Reza. As of time of writing, he have provided 12 parts documentary proof of how our fore-fathers (read not UMNO) fought for independence and formation of Malaya.

Also do watch the documentary produced and directed by Fahmi Reza. The high definition version can be downloaded from here.

To all sopo bloggers and readers, try not be flabbergasted. :D Let us journey along as Malaysians for a better tomorrow, that is a note to self too. :)


Anonymous said...

BTW, Pearls, even in Gandhi's epoch in Indian history, rallies, demonstrations and strikes were needed. So how else does any public respond to major grievances without them included in the process?


Anonymous said...

Only if the System is Right & acting for all Rights!!
The legal practitioners proposed a draft
The MP read and pass to ACTS.
The Government & officers enforce the Acts.
But had fairness been acted
or enforcement been fairly take?
So where to start the kick?

Pearls is not naive
but cannot see things accordingly Acted!
People can have all the chesses
but there is no place for even one chess!
The chess board is a mess!

Uncle Lim can provide the lead
but a great number of MP mislead
so how to get the Right MPs is the trick!
What should qualify one to be ticked
so the right MP will be elected?
with Responsibility not neglected!

A system must be set
so MP are automatically checked
so can be quited if off the right track!
Same for any ministers or officers in this respect!

Overall, People must be clear
what are Right for their Rights
and they can exercise their Rights!

Until then, how many MARCH need ahead
when People are shaking their heads???

Should a country kill the time
and sweat of so many
when People need to earn money
for their families
and other corrupted many!!!!
Or at least MPs are too many
when they don't care abuses being many!!

Pearls said...


Whatever it maybe, I still firmly believe that demonstration is not the answer to whatever problems we have. 1 word say it all.. demonstration is wrong and there is no such thing as PEACEFUL demonstration!

I did put in a comment earlier but somehow, that comment is not in here. If you are so unhappy about how things are run here, than let your vote say it all. If you think that the election board and this whole voting business is not as clean or as just as it should be, than you can either don't vote or go vote but draw a big monkey on the ballot paper. Yah, make it a spoil vote. If majority of people dont come out to vote, what does it say? If majority votes are spoilt vote, what does it say? I am pretty sure the government will not be able to gloat and self praise if either scenario happens.

As you have mentioned about Opposition parties, it is not that I dont read their blog or understand what they have to say or that I am conditioned by the school system here but the thing is this, would I want to trust a POLITICIAN? The answer is NO.

Keadilan headed by Anwar Ibrahim will always reminds me that he, Anwar Ibrahim, has insulted the Chinese and started the "balik Tongsan" trend. Yes, perhaps I am not a very forgiving person but when someone say a thing like that, he is definitely a racist and that is not something you can expect him to change! DAP with Lim Kit Siang and gang, well, they look like a bunch of "THE POT IS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK" team.

So, at the end of the day, if I would to bet, would I want to place my hard earn cash on a tried and tested team or a never tried, never tested before team and risk it all? I decide to place my hard earn cash on a tried and tested team and if this team fails me, the next round, I will just show my displeasure by drawing whatever I like on the ballot paper! I may even write nasty remarks on it. That's how I chose to voice my displeasure la. Non-violence.

Anonymous said...


Not to Vote just for a Vote
but anyone qualify to be Voted!!
Bersih - The Bottom Line to note!
Thanks your comment if all or some are to mine.

World is not perfect
Same for yours and mine!
So does man on the site!
No party to be emphasized
esp. those with black marks on the side.
Right and Wrong should have a clear cut
not to gone with time!
One to rule needs a great heart to hold justice for ALL
not any secondary mug that easily overflow!

Try to see anyone with a heart
even who cannot avoid dust
after going through all the flushes!

Choose the Best if only it can help.
Abstention if no one have the care
esp. when an independent EC is not there!

When system is humiliating
that it's not a bad way to say disappointing
with wisdom awaiting decoding!

Anonymous said...

Since Pearls line resembles the verbose and convoluting spin by NaSTy Kalimullah's:

Here is the more direct rebuttal:


Anonymous said...

If I read correctly, Pearl's was to say something like:
Not to Vote just for a Vote
but anyone qualify to be Voted!!

If one understand well,
what can be more sad
when people have all the chess
but cannot place even one chess
when the chess board is a mess!

It could be verbose and convoluting
but her disappointments and worries were expressed!

It is really risky if people vote just to take BN down
but the Right persons are not around!
Then an Opposition but another BN to come!

Anonymous said...

Old superstition dies hard for it has been planted for a very long time and taken deep roots. The BN hardly have the right persons, lest this has eludes us. And it's an assumption that there can be no good(better, in fact) alternative.


Anonymous said...

Set the Criteria for Personality
not only for politicians
but also for all human beings.
will then an election be fair
not only by the system
but by the hearts and souls that govern.

It is how Civil Society should be preached and insisted!
have some input.