Thursday, November 08, 2007

It Really Doesn't Take a Lulu To Figure This One Out

source : Malaysiakini

Some wild guesses from this Lulu?

When you table a budget which kononnya under purposes of "ENSURING THE WELL-BEING OF ALL MALAYSIANS" and"Inculcating Corporate Social Responsibility" requiring all PLCs to disclose their employment composition by race and gender,
what sort of reaction were you expecting from the PLCs?

When at least three MNCs have received directive that they must hire their senior level staff based on the quota of 45% Malays, 35% Chinese, 17% Indians and 3% others.
what sort of reaction were you expecting from the MNCs?

How is the pihak swasta supposed to feel secure about melaburing in any of the corridors?
Policies keep changing. There is no certainty.
And it's not that the pihak swasta are being racist. They just want the freedom to hire the best man for the job. The one who brings in the most money, the highest returns. Race doesn't matter. Money talks.
That's all.

And it's funny that these people who are the propogators of the supreme race "dont have anything to do with the rest" mentality have no problems being the sleeping partner and taking the money from a company which requires his presence to make the bumi composition.
Maybe they're just sore that they're not able to get their hands into free money.
Shameless! Truly shameless!


Anonymous said...

45% Malays, 35% Chinese, 17% Indians and 3% others for MNCs only? What about all GLCs, govt departments and the like?

This can only mean one thing: that Malay unemployment is on the rise and the MNCs are needed to take them in. GLCs, govt departments etc are full of them and have no more vacancies

mob1900 said...

If your company advertise requirement for candidates to be fluent in languages because of business requirement, you're termed a racist but when the racial quota requirement imposed on listed companies then they're 'Defenders of Hak'.

AMNO has corrupted the whole Garmen Administration til it sees only their race colour which to me is the monochrome of Apartheid.

Anonymous said...

i dont want the GLCs to employ based on racial composition. it aint no matter he/she is a chinese or indian or malay but the employment must be based on merit. dont even employ a chinese or indian just to fill up the quota; its an insult to the intelligence of the employee.

Anonymous said...

yo kairy, do you think any sane guy would risk all and 'melacur' in those corridors?

and seriously, you think they believe in badawi & his rm400b corridors when he got to beg for rm2-3b from the chinese to put up another bridge pg?

~~~ arTong

Anonymous said...

Swasta won't labur in a system of the Swastika.