Friday, November 09, 2007

gasp! Is Lulu Actually Agreeing With Khairy?

source : Malaysiakini

he has a point there you know,
imagine : A pakcik gets a 7% subsidy for his RM100,000 medium cost house.
A parasite will also be getting 7% subsidy if he chooses to buy one of those SP Setia's RM30,000,000 “super high-end” bungalows in Kenny Hills.
Why we must subside those who are already rich?

oh... the difference, Lulu guesses is that in the 7% discount, the developer and the non-7% discount people pays for it.
And you know what?
Continuing 7% subsidy efforts is already a burden on the developer and the non7%'s finances in the long run, and ways must be found for equitable distribution of subsidies.


Anonymous said...

A son-in-law who gets billions from contracts due to the influence of his wife's father pays RM1.92 for a litre of petrol.

A handicapped beggar starving on the road-side has no wife or father-in-law to give him a plate of rice.

And yet look who's making the most noise about being poor!

Sagaladoola said...

Wah Lulu hoh,

This Zakaria Mat Deros's Istana Idaman very big hoh.. Got people subsidise one arr? I am sure all Malaysians know lor, whether got people subsidise this Istana. This Pak cik Zakaria, I do not know what to say already.

Istana Idaman

Khairy, the most important thing when we speak about something is sincerity.... If there is no sincerity, there is no use of talking.


Anonymous said...

Yes, why should the government subsidizes the citizens leaving less ringgit flow for greedy UMNOputra in the distribution. Khairy has a point. Civil servants get got for financial abuse but politicians untouched. The same rationale, Khairy may not need subsidies but the poor do. The government id strongest in my mind, penny wise but pound foolish. How much is wasted on compensation for mega projects and here, you have hypocrites talking about financial wastages and taking a hard line on subsidies for the poor and middle income group.


Anonymous said...

after 4 years, your fil badawi, what has he got to show?... beside getting a new wife, a new sailing toy, a new flying toy & holidays with some frenchy friends...

so you think its fair the country keep subsidising all his hobbies & unproductive activities.

as najib says malay mind takes 54 years to mature, so we will talk about what you says in about 23 years time...

but for now best u pls take a hike

~~~ ArTong

denzook said...

does gov subsidy the 7% discount ? I thought it is the developers that are compelled to give the discount instead. if a 30,000,000 home need to give 7% discount, i will just put the pricetag 32,000,000. actually, the 30,000,000 home is competition among the "riches" and the parasite should "entitled" the discount of being "privileged". unless if the parasite (millions in bank) is competing among the middle class or low cost house then it will be different say.

actually i dont understand khairy statement of 1.92 oil for poor and none for rich. if i'm the "categoried" as poor, i will buy 1.92 oil and sell to rich, like what those ppl in north did with thais and those "privileged" in land and AP deal.

Anonymous said...

And what does he mean by comparing a "pakcik" in a bike and a "towkay" in a merc?! Nowadays, there's more "pakciks" in mercedes than anyone else!

Anonymous said...

brainless guy... makin a pakcik even more stupid.. this pakcik reluctant to work,no determination to find money... coz our great "khairy" and d poor rich guy will support them...!!