Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lulu Would Really Love To See Them Prove That This Is "UMNO's Private Property"

Lulu saw this little piece of quite un-informative piece of news in today's NST and wondered what Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai's press conference was about, and how it incurred the unruly budaya UMNO to show its horns.

When Lulu got home and checked out jeffooi's posting, Violence against journalist... Umno style, Lulu understood better what had happened.

from jeffooi and Malaysiakini
The press conference, called by Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai, was held at a multi-purpose hall in his constituency, which was located in the compound of the Cheras Umno headquarters.
Tan had called the press conference to highlight Umno's alleged abuses of government funds allocated by the Prime Minister's Deparment to build multi-purpose halls in Kuala Lumpur

"The problem started way back in 2002. They used the allocation to build multi-purpose halls for their service centres," said Tan.
"The PM's Department allocates the money for the halls' maintenance and these people use it to hire workers for their service centres," he lamented, adding that the problem was evident in Bandar Tun Razak.
and you know what's the best part?
Meanwhile, Cheras division Umno chief Syed Ali Alhabshee has blamed Tan for the dispute, acccording to a China Press report.
Syed said that Tan had angered Umno members by being "rude and encroaching into Umno's private property".
yes, by these UMNO chaps on admission, the multipurpose hall in Peel Road, Cheras build by money allocated from the PM's department has become "UMNO's private property".
well, show us the ownership papers. show us your accounts for the building of the building.
but that's the sad-sad mentality of UMNO-puteras nowadays isn't it, that the nation is theirs to rape and plunder?
and if, indeed they had paid for the building and land, then Lulu's next question is, where did the money from the PM's Department go to?

shame on them!
shame on them for taking the rakyat's money and using it for their own [already super duper rich] party
and shame on them for ganging up and hitting a photographer on duty.


Anonymous said...

Dear rakyat,

This is what happen when we put a party of thugs and thieves in power.

Anonymous said...

The posted picture clearly demonstrates that some people are thugs and openly resort to violence to settle disputes. I am really appalled if these are UMNO people who seems to be the 'samseng jalanan' here.

Anonymous said...

Start the Land Title search
on all these Multi-purpose Halls
before looking inside the walls
to see if it worths the war
by law!

Hope the lawyer
will show no fear without favor
to testify law over politics
with no panic!
Or, magic continued without ethics!

Will that lawyer do not only for Politics
but the average with credits?