Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Will You Join In With Lulu To Applaud These Fine Men And Women of Selangor?

Did you know that every year, the Selangor BN Assemblymen are [in the words of their boss, Khir Toyo] "“ encouraged to go on educational trips. It was organised by the state BN but they have to bear the cost on their own.”

The NST reported him as saying that, but, Lulu knows... nowadays, you can't believe everything that is reported by the KDN approved media either. For context to Lulu's disbelief, read this and this.

Two of them said they would be paying for the trip and denied that state funds were being used. Asked how much they paid, they claimed that the bill had not yet been sent to them. Both agreed that the state BN was organising it. One called it a retreat for assemblymen while the other called it a trip for exposure.
However, the third assemblyman said the trip was paid mostly by the state BN. “We only paid about RM1,500 each while the rest was taken care of. I don't know what the actual cost is.”

State executive councillor Datuk Mokhtar Dahlan said “The cost is borne by the assemblymen themselves who have or are going on the trip to China and the state government is not using its funds in any way”.

And different assemblymen have also reported different reasoning behind the trip.
Khir Toyo said that the visit was part of a beautification and cleanliness study tour.
Datuk Fatah Iskandar pula thinks that it is aimed at attracting investors to Selangor.

Anyway, whatever it is, let's applaud these assemblymen for paying their own way, all RM1,500 of it, in their noble attempt to study the China system on beautification and cleanliness. After their return, they would be able to proudly boast of how advance our toilets are next to the China toilets, just like how their boss like to boast about how progressive we are next to Nigeria.

Come on, a hand of applause to these men and women of Selangor

the KDN approved media whom we should thank for bringing this piece of news
Bernama BN Reps Paying Out Of Own Pockets For Study Tour To China, Says MB
The Star Reps paid for Silk Road Tour, says Mokhtar
NST Poser over China trip for Selangor BN assemblymen


Anonymous said...

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team bsg said...

hahaha take our hats off to you for the fantastic portraits of our esteemed public servants , men of great calibre and indisputable honor , to lead us all to 2020 and salvation ! but first they need some fun with the piao meis right ?
and glorious food halal or not
...tryly da lucky country

Anonymous said...

"..nowadays, you can't believe everything that is reported by the KDN approved media either."

Nowadays I can't believe ALMOST everything from them. To get less insulted , maybe. I'll just occasionally read the Sun. As for Berita and Utusan, I wouldn't trust even their weather reports if they carry any.


Anonymous said...

Maybe addicted dissimulation and spinning makes the MSM sloppy as well(how poetic!). Whoa! See:

MORE PICS - Police Hot Air After Nurin’s Killer(s); 4 Suspects Released; Indo Woman, a prankster? Now New Lead: Two Suspects - Couple Photofits


Anonymous said...

fly airasia-X and stay in Tune hotel. eat at tune restaurant. coach by tune buses.
oops, Tony Fernadez hasnt set up operations there as yet. Meantime, its business class flight by MAS, 5 star hotel.. and paid by taxpayers money. For the sacrifices made by the assemblymen for the past 4 years trying to serve the hard to please consituents, they deserve a holiday. no arguments for that, but have they served their dues? maybe more like plunder the state resources. NIAMAH

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

why china? why not indonesia or some middle east countries...

here the whole umno youth want to annihilate the chinese and now a bunch of toyols going to china???

educational trip? ... my foot!!!

Anonymous said...

"Toyol said it was an educational trip on beautification and cleanliness".

Lame excuse to spend taxpayer money - just get those guys from nirwana or that place in meru to do the job, la!

pak shah said...

Its not their money lah.
sponsored by ........ !!!

Anonymous said...

Like they also know Mandarin and thereby can learn plenty by direct contact with the people there.


Pearls said...

Ms Lulu say applause.... Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap..... want cheers and standing ovation or not? Hehe...yes la... going to China on their own money you know!! Hmm.. China.. Hmmm.. beautification work.. bigger Hmmm... toilets! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

From the pictures attached, we all can see why these people cannot even lie professionally or shall I say scam without being found out! Sigh...

By the way, why got Not Invited ah? Not friend friend ah? Hmmmm....