Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When The Monks Flee, Will Lulu's Country Treat Them Hostile-ly?

The monks marched
and now they're hunted down
Those who were caught, were disrobed and shackled waiting to be taken away.
There have also been reports of monks killed in the jungles.

If, and when, they seek refuge in Malaysia, will our PM who during the last UN General Assembly said,

Let me express my country's disapproval, together with other Asean countries, on the use of excessive force by the Myanmar government to put down justifiable civilian protests.

give them shelter and protection to live a life of dignity in Malaysia instead of being hounded by the Rela zealots?
Will we treat them well after all the waves of support shown by Malaysians when the protests was taking place?


mahaguru58 said...

We have enough problems already with the millions of illegal immigrants creating a social problem that we didn't have before.

The best option would be for the world's superpower, the United States of America open up its doors and give asylum to the thousands of Buddhist monks.

America still has vast acres and acres of land in its hinterlands.

Being the world's richest nation, surely they can afford to accommodate such refugees and go in and take out the regime...if they really, really practice what they tend to always preach!

Anonymous said...

Why trouble Uncle Sam when it's essentially an ArseSeen problem?


Anonymous said...

Any civilian demos overseas have support from the BN gomen. They may even send some Oxford boys to lend support and get free media hype.

Any civilian demos locally incur the wrath from the same people. They may also send in some Oxford boys to get media hype.

Different strokes for different folks.

Anonymous said...

THE PM can also mouth his concern.
He's admitted that "Constructive Engagement failed". So, what's next? "I dunno"?

Kofi Assnan has about the highest mouthing of "concern" while as SG of the UN then. And about the highest instances of "urges"(for restraints, etc). One would have thought his urges were more suitable for a constantly constipated person.
"Gandhi (who was Hindu), would never have won independence for India had the British Raj been filled with SS killers. Were he alive in Burma today, Martin Luther King would die as a total unknown, and his birthday would not be a national holiday anywhere in the world. As Burma just proved again, peaceful protests never work against genuine bad guys. That's the gaping flaw of pacifism. It only works when force establishes strong and humane governments." u/q

How to deal with genuine bad guys?
(*deathly silence*)


Pearls said...

Hehehehe.... Anonymous comments made me think of that particular picture that Ms Lulu put up in her previous post.... there.. the one with an Oxford boy in some demonstration.. and the next picture got a barbarian howling away... Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Bolehland is hospitable only to rich paying tourists.