Monday, October 15, 2007

Truth is, Lulu's Disgusted That You Would Not "Postpone" Your Holiday To Share With The Rakyat's Grief

how many of you recall the Building Bridges dialogue?
if you can't, let Lulu refresh your memory

Two weeks before the event, after the flight tickets have been issued to the global participants and hotel rooms booked, our PM [baru bangun-ed] looks into his diary and realises he has a clashing engagement.
"I had to postpone it. There were some things I had to attend to immediately, so we have to find some suitable dates," he said.
"I have an important role to play in that conference so I don't want it to be held while I am not around," he added.
The Times
[Lulu wonders if he knows what the new date for the dialogue is and if he's even invited]

Well and fine. That event which did not even feature him as a speaker had to be postponed to another date in order to accomodate his "attendance" and "contribution".

Pity he couldnt ask the "organiser" to postpone the Great Johor Flood either, cos obviously, he wasn't willing to postpone his role in buka-ing nasi kandar shop and now we learn, sailing in a boat with the Ferrari boss.


zorro said...

Lulu, he cannot make decisions. The boys upstairs have to prompt him and he obeys blindly. Jean Todd let the cat out of bag with his sailing trip with the PM during the Johore Floods. He might take away the Datukship.

Anonymous said...

These incidents and others, clearly have shown what a self centric, egoistic and ineffective Prime Minister Malaysia has. He and his ministers have totally disappointed the electorate. Cronyism, selfish greed and corruption are flourishing at the expenses of the natinal economic growth.

Anonymous said...

The prime minister wanted to be told the truth but he himself does not tell the truth. A mark of a true leader (of liars)

Anonymous said...

The PM needs nonsensical setups like a ministry of (dis)information to spin it but Zam's supply of half lies is fast dissipating and full lies are more frequently being used. M2M's squawkbox meanwhile has no new spins for a very long time except for perpetual victimology - that the bumis sre the the eternal victim. The MSM's role is to make people forgetful and stupid - spearheaded by
Banana, the national news(spews) agency.


carboncopy said...

Don't forget the money for rescue.

Anonymous said...

what could one expect from a... dingleberry

Anonymous said...


People should start writing what had been wrong and what should be done according to each sectors of the society, or any key ministry! Avoid personal attack but providing truth to tell whoever come to that office should be aware of what they are going to do and what the people are expecting or be monitored.

Will someone lay some topics, such as Housing, Transportation, Internal Trade, Legal system, etc...?

TRY TO BUILD A WHITE BOOK OR BLUE BOOK OR at least a Dream in this Bolehland!!

Only those who can build this DREAM LAND should be taken in the Next GE! Or, this will be the guideline for monitoring.

denzook said...

psst, you know what's the truth:

1) malaysia is the most transparent.
2) malaysia is the most competitive, least corrupted country.
3) malaysia has the best judiciary system.
4) malaysia has the best governance efficiency.
5) malaysia has the freest election system.
6) malaysia has the highest purchasing power per capita of 100,000. poverty 0.0001%.
7) malaysia has 0.00242% crime rate.
8) all malaysia universities are #1.
9) malaysia has the best education system, literacy 99.486% with tertiary education.
10) malaysia has 0.0275% unemployment.
11) malaysia is the most peaceful country and the citizens are most tolerant.
12) malaysia has 0.0356% accident.
13) malaysia has best transportation system.
14) malaysia is #1 tourist destination.
15) malaysia is #1 foreign investment destination.

etc etc etc

All negative reports are lies and lies by the unemployed, uneducated bloggers who jealous on malaysia success and wants the country fall.

bad lulu.

Anonymous said...

16) malaysia has the most number of "cosmonauts" in the world

17)malaysia has the most number of Nobel laureates in the world

18)malaysia has the most number of billionaires in the world (26 million of them and counting!)

19)malaysia has the most useless pm in the world

Anonymous said...

jean todt's company in the land of downunder is more important than you folks in Johor. its oklah, when was the last time you guys were hit by floods like that. god's will.
if you guys are not happy anyway, try to make it as the PM. then, you will have the same privilege as me.

team bsg said...

its sad when all we can do is wait for nex election ! He should be tried for many things and sent to jail !...but