Friday, October 12, 2007

Sometimes, By Writing Less, Lulu Can Tell More

the NEP/NDP success story is it reaching those who need it the most?

Pictures from
1. Zakaria fetes guests at mansion
The Star
2. Various articles patchwork-ed from Sheih's


Anonymous said...

Didn't know that raya celebration is the time to flaunts one ill-gotten wealth.

denzook said...

that's malaysian dream, after toiled hard for so many yaers, he earned his success finally. That's what should call inspiration ....

carboncopy said...

On Tuesday, Zakaria invited 400 orphans to spend a night at his palatial mansion and he said it would become an annual event.

Annual event? Why not let them stay all year round?

Using orphans for his political mileage! Just like those MCA scum-bags who not only used Hui Yi but endangering her life by exposing her to greater chance of infection.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what else it takes to prove that the Bumis have arrived! Don't tell me that this palace is less than 30% of the size of a typical chinese house. And this Malay is only a state counsellor. Congratulations to the super success of the NEP.

Pearls said...

What can anybody say about such blatant greed and corruption? What can anybody say about such blatant greed and corruption that is approved!!!!!! NOTHING!!!

Sigh..this fella must be mighty stupid to flaunt his ill-gotten wealth and to use orphans to sugar coat the whole fiasco is simply shameless! What can anybody say about such things?? WHAT!