Saturday, October 13, 2007

really, The PM Shouldn't Tempt Lulu With Such Statements

does he really, really want to know how HE could bring cheer to Malaysians?


Anonymous said...

blockhead keep contradicting himself, kind of he is his worst enemy akin to... dr jekyll & mr hyde...

one hand, doing sinful act by spending obscene amount of cash on some space travellers & sportings event ( like the monsoon cup ...)

and on the hand trying to hoodwink the ppl with his falsehood concern for the down & trodden... what a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Look between the words for their hidden meanings.

In a nutshell, what the old nutcase means is that should the people donate US 30 million dollars to the needy, his administration would be able to save US 30 million required for poverty eradication programs. Then that amount of money can be paid to Russia to hitch a ride to space for jaguh kampung Faiz

Anonymous said...

"He called on the people to unite in doing whatever they can to bring cheer to the less fortunate."
PM, Does you have the list of less fortunate? What is to be defined as less fortunate? Had you done your part with your offices after Auditor General Report of 2005 & 2006?
May be we should see who and how many had been less fortunate:

1. Water Concessionaires -§ionid=11&id=42&Itemid=68
Net result - privatization of Public utility into private hands with compensation from Government, "rights" for increases of tariff, erasing the mis-management of the old water bureau, hiding the account or/and water deposits of millions, etc..
-affecting KL, Selangor and Putra Jaya.
-65& of residential with 13-17.6& increase for excess of 20CBM. 15-18% for commercial.
-at least 42,000 highrise users to be at commercial rate if they do not have private meter (with payment of new deposit and meter installation)
-old water deposit under 3,000 more bulk meters with Deposits of RM20,000 or more under Developer..
-15% tariff increase with scheduled increase to come
-RM100million pre-tax profit and 120million Government (=Tax payers) compensation in 2006
-Audited Account to be under OSA

2. Transportation
A. Highway concessionaires
-again privatizing public asset (highway) into "private"
-with schedule of toll increase and possible compensation from government
-10% last year and most probably another 10% coming.
B. State asset into Federal such as the Sg Nyior toll in Penang..
C. Project beyond realities and Environmental Concern

3. Housing
In 2004 alone, 227 housing projects were abandoned in all the States of Peninsular Malaysia, involving some 75,356 houses worth RM7 billion.
The relax of MOH on the Developer
-Confusion of Amendments of Acts
-Manipulation of legislation for Monopoly of Solid waste
and the Bully making Broga "unfortunate" and Tax-payer unfortunate to compensate the STOP!

and many many from Transportation Department on the Klang "Free Port", Government Buildings....................

The list is endless, the fortunate is getting less & less and .... UNFORTUNATE because people cannot be united as much as the Offices when OSA or ISA can easily override Transparency, accountability and Credibility when they have not been in the mind of the Offices, (except Auditor General)!!!

Anonymous said...

The Umnonut's definition of "unity"
is always exclusive(and fork tongued) in nature and something to serve only Umno's own benefit.


Anonymous said...

What joy did he bring to people like Lina and others? His "unity", by default, must eliminate their cheers.