Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lulu And 4,000 Others Have Signed the Petition to the Agong to be submitted on 25/10/2007

have you signed?

Lulu has
so has Haris
and Malik Imtiaz
and Tricia Yeoh
and Darren Hsu
and Ghostline
and WaiKC
and JeffOoi
and Rocky
and KualaLumpurisHome
and Lucia
and SKThew
and Edward
and Helen Ang
and Zorro
and Tony Yew AND his church

i could go and and on and on, but this post needs to go out
If you have not signed it, if you're thinking about it and are not sure, check what the other bloggers have to say and why they are signing it.

Haris has to compile the names, and get it ready before the Rulers meet tomorrow!


lucia said...

yeah! i hope haris achieved the target of 5000.

lulu, can publicise a little or not about the malam bangsa malaysia in penang? we aim to get as many people as possible, even those out of penang, who happen to travel to penang or those who wish to travel to penang just for the do. TQ!

datukjong said...

Seems a bit strange to me that it's so difficult to get 5000 signatures (what's the DAP membership; Or even PKR??)Pity this Harris fella! Just like the Hartal thing - when need to give IC or stand up and be counted everyone join MCA (C for chickens) - laughed out loud when at the end of video showed this Lim fella or whoeever - when the crunch came he cabut to good old England for "further studies" so not detained like those other freedom fighters.
Saw a strange movie on Astro last night - V for Vendetta (a British movie) - very interesting theme - almost like what is going on here now (wonder who in Astro gave the ok or why Astro showed this and why it passed or maybe those govt people do not understand the simple meaning).
Get more Malaysians watch this movie while it is still shown on repeats - and maybe get someone sponser rubber masks in someone's image (M?) and then you will get not 10,000 maybe 200,000 on Nov 10th.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mock the effort at all. 4,000 plus signatures secured this way is not an insignificant show. Besides it is just the beginning of an expanding awareness of needful measures.


denzook said...

still dont get what can a petition do and effective.
what's 4000 compared with 25,000,0000 populasi, < 1%, . that is what the bn goons will say.heck many ppl will still vote bn anyway. why would the government mends ways for the sake of 4000 ppl. infact the petition can get more than this number if all pas, keadilan and dap members sign instead. can i say that these 4000 comfirm will vote keadilan and dap in the coming election?

Anonymous said...

It's 5,000+ now. One small step.... The Goons will always find the excuse and spin for it's their nature - and survival at stake.