Monday, October 15, 2007

Lulu's Mixed-Up Priority Prime Minister

sad isn't it, that Lulu has a PM who expressed his disappointment when bad weather/technical hitch prevented audio and visual signals from being transmitted directly to Malaysia and re-routed to Seri Perdana
"I am disappointed. I had wanted to extend Hari Raya Aidilfitri greetings to Dr Muszaphar. It appears that it is not possible,"
but has nothing to say about the Tioman Ferry Tragedy where four people are confirmed dead, and another 3 still missing. Evn Najib has expressed sadness over the incident. but Badawi? erhm... maybe the "truth" was hidden from him? "They" didn't want to spoil his raya?

And maklum-lah, "he was so busy during Ramadan that he broke fast three times on an airplane", he still has yet to fulfil his commitment to meet with the members of the Bar Council regarding their concerns on the judiciary system in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

One spaceflight participant is worth more than 4 dead tourists anytime

denzook said...

he's also a home minister and today's headline: "PM finds time for grandson despite hectic schedule".... to be fair, grandson is more important than the lives of the other, what's more he's presence might hamper the rescue operation ....

maybe the ferry case is not PM or home minister or finance minister responsibility ...

Master Mariner said...

The loss of life on the Mersing to Tioman ferry "Seagull Express" was a result of criminal negligence, if the reports from Bernama and in NST on-line, and other sources are factually correct.
It is likely that the ferry was:
Unlicensed (licensed expired 10 months ago)
Overloaded with passengers
Undermanned with crew
Had inadequate lifesaving and fire fighting equipment on board
Master & crew were inadequately certified and poorly trained

The following parties / authorities need to be independently investigated and if guilty of any crime or dereliction of duty, they must be punished to the full extent of the law.
The Marine Department
The Maritime Enforcement Agency (Coastguard)
The Marine Police
The ferry owner and the ferry operator
The master of the ferry
The crew of the ferry
The Pahang state tourism authority (they promote this ferry on their web site.
The Johor state authorities
All other relevant licensing, regulatory and enforcement authorities.

In the past maritime incidents have been poorly investigated and shortcomings have been simple swept under the carpet. In many cases the guilty were not punished

Innocent lives will continue to be lost at sea if the typical Malaysian lackadaisical 'tiada apa' attitude continues unchecked.

Malaysia urgently needs an independent Marine Accideny Investigation Board

Anonymous said...

after spending Rm80m... can't even communicate due to bad weather?

mmm... just wondering whether this space orbiting really happen or did the russins hoodwink us by putting the dr in some space lab in siberia...?

could it be just like the apollo landing in the moon... a hoax

Anonymous said...

The MSM will see to it that the matter gets forgotten in no time, in line with Zam's call not to report on "negative" matters. The MSM is very efficient at obfuscation and this sort of things.


Anonymous said...

Where was the PM last Summer?
The beans get spilled:


Anonymous said...

While Johoreans were trudging through flood waters, he was merrily yachting away in a far-away land with his 'jeans'

mob1900 said...

Bedol Napoleon's truly a clueless dude to a point I might suspect him of being senile but then again he's smart enough to fool so many with the 'silent elegance' and other obnoxious gestures. Think of it, we're the fools, especialy his supporters.

Hope you had a good weekend, Lulu.

Anonymous said...

"Tell me the truth! Was it my yatch which got burnt down? No? handle this!"

zorro said...

Tragedy like this one comes about because of this close one eye practice. Not enough safety jackets; not the designated pilot; licence expired for a year....what else we have not heard.But the country breeze thru.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, methinks the country muddles on all along rather than breezes thru, based on media-made ignorance, over-trustingness and blindness, not all of which is the result of MSM propaganda and spins.

Master Mariner, Bodohland is such a tolerant country when it comes to selective (even multiple)infingement of the law. In another people would've gotten shot. OTOH, In another scenario, in Bolehland, you may get the rope for possession of a couple of round of live ammunition although the manner of being in possession may be maliciously planted or variously inadvertent and without malicious intent. Such is the blind laziness in the sweeping construct of the law formulation that it does not really pay reporting a pistol under a flower bush.