Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lulu's Misplaced Miss Universe Contestant Strikes Again

Lulu was watching the news just now.
Other than the waste-a-lot gay-or-not's return home, all the channels were showing Pak Lah's opening speech and response to PPP's request for more seats.

"He (Kayveas) said he has sent the request (for more seats) to the central committee (of BN). I say since he has sent the request, then we would consider it,"
Malaysiakini BN to study PPP’s quest for more seats

ah.... just as you thought PPP got back a bit of face when the PM said that, Lulu says, think again. That's a Miss Universe contestant response.
It sounds so correct, and so profound. But it is of little substanse.
Lulu was wondering whether was this the first time he heard of the request for more seats as he is so, so clueless. In the end, Lulu thinks he knows. What he doesn't know, Lulu guesses, is the discussion and the decision made by the powers behind BN on whether or not to layan PPP's request. Almost every BN partner already knows the answer. Only Badawi is still "we would consider it"-ing.
"People don't like to see brothers quarrelling among themselves. They would say the family is not stable. We must always be reasonable and that should be our prime effort.
He's probably clueless that his machai/warlord slighted PPP just the day before. Maybe cos zam-zam alikazam did not allow it to be printed in the mainstream media.
Get real Lulu - it's not like as if he'd read the papers anyway...

"People who fight and oppose us want to see us split. Barisan's strength does not come from implementing projects but a spirit of give-and-take amongst ourselves. This must be our practice for a better future, not for just our party - the Barisan Nasional - but for the people and the country,"
Another very Miss Universe contestant response. Kononnya "for the people and the country".

sigh... of all the brilliant, kind, compassionate and wise people in this country, why did we have to end up with him?


Anonymous said...

Same old tuna sings song as always.
So politicallly correct hollow platitudes.

Brotherhood and unity all sound so correct but for anyone who can think, these are not not qualities which are necessarily pure and virtuous per se.

"Brotherhood" can surreptitiously exclusive and selective. "Unity", similarly, can be nothing more than for the fascist sake of ganging up against 'others'. So neither can guarantee a good human face for all but can be, more often than not, a basis for divisiveness on a larger scale within the human society.

Given the known negative expression of both "brotherhood" and "unity" thingies in the backdrop, can they make or deserve good Karma?


denzook said...

Correct correct. Long live pak lah!! What a great you are!! You're the most understanding leader ever had!

Anonymous said...

AAB's way of being fair to all is to employ and maintain more Neanderthal hatchet men? This is just a rhetorical question. And his platitudinal statement has no credibility, only assured irony.


Anonymous said...

Phrases from the likes of him, "..for the people and the country" can only cause goose pimples to arise - for the very insidiously ingrained dishonesty that they carry. Any sensitive soul with some perceptive acuteness will feel that angst.