Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lulu's Dedication To All Ops Lalang Detainees - Of Mice and Men

Following up to an earlier post, attached is a list of names of those who were detained on 27th Oct 1987.
This list is taken from the book Malaysia 45 Years Under ISA by Koh Swee Yong. The book is available at Popular Bookstore [which is where I got mine from] and also Kinibooks at RM50.00. 1. Lim Kit Siang
Age 46, Secretary General of Democratic Action Party (DAP), Opposition Leader in the parliament

2. Lim Fong Seng
Age 62, Chairman of Dong Zong, the United Chinese School Committees Association Malaysia. A well known tin-miner, Chairman of the School Board of Goveners of Confucian High School KL

3. Sim Mou Yu
President Jian Zong, the United Chinese School Teachers Association of Malaysia

4. Datuk Yap Pian Hon
Age 46, Chairman of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) Youth, Exco of Selangor State Assembly

5. Karpal Singh
Age 47, Deputy Chairman of DAP, MP for Jelutong and State Assemblyman for Bukit Gelugor

6. Chan Kit Chee
Age 56, Vice-President of Jian Zong, Chairman MCA Liason Committee of Perak

7. Dr Tuang Pik King
Age 42, Vice President of Jian Zong, the United Chinese School Teachers Association of Malaysia, Principal of Confucian High School, KL

8. Dr Kua Kia Soong
Director, Chinese Resource and Research Center, KL. Publicity Chief of Civil Rights Committee

9. Dr Chandra Muzaffar
Age 40, President of Aliran, member of Asian Human RIghts Commission

10. Hu Sepang
Age 40, MP for Rasah, Organisiing Secretary for DAP cum Chairman of DAP Negeri Sembilan

11. Lim Guan Eng
Age 27, MP for Kota Melaka, son of Lim Kit Siang

12. Dr V David
Age 55, MP for Puchong. Secretary General for Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC)

13. Tan Chai Ho
Age 37, Senator, Head of MCA Youth Vanguard. Vice-Chairman of MCA Youth

14. Lee Chan Fei
Age 48, former State Assemblyman for Tapah, Perak. Contractor. MCA Batu Gajah Division Chairman

15. P Patto
Age 41, MP for Ipoh, DAP Deputy Secretary General

16. Kerk Kim Hock
Age 31, DAP State Assemblyman for Durian Daun

17. Hiew Yun Tat
Chairman of Perak Anti-Radioactive Committee

18. Hiew Yew Lan
Age 44, Gerakan Ipoh Municipal Councillor, Papan Action Committee advisor, Vice-Chairman of Perak Anti-Radioactive Committee, tin mine manager

19. Lee Koon Bun
Age 60, Vice Chairman of Perak Anti-Radioactive Committee, Secretary of Papan Anti-Radioactive Action Committee

20. Ibrahim Ali
UMNO MP fpr Pasir Mas Kelantan, detained under ISA in 1975 for a year as President of Mara Institute of Technology Student Union

21. Liew Chong Beng
Age 28, businessman, exco of the Selangor Chinese School Action Committee

22. Chee Heng Leng
Age 32, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra) lecturer, member of Insan

23. Dr Tan Ka Kheng @ K.K. Tan
Age 35, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra) lecturer, Vice Chairman of Enviromental Protection Society of Malaysia, adivsor to Perak Anti-Radioactive Committee

24. Meenakashi Raman
Age 29, Legal Advisor to Consumer Association of Penang (CAP), one of the lawyers acting for residents of Bukit Merah, Ipoh who brought a suit against Asian Rare Earth Sdn Bhd

25. Song Kang Swee @ S.K. Song
DAP State Assemblyman for Bandar Maharani (Muar) Johor

26. Sim Tong Him
DAP State Assemblyman for Tengkerah

27. Yau Jiok Hua
DAP Malacca chairman, State Assemblyman for Kubu, lawyer

28. Yang Khar Ming
Nightmarket hawker

29. Lai Thean Loy

30. Tan Bee Hwa
Christian Missionary

31.Pang Chau Nam

32. Eng Thiang Lai
A MCA Youth leader

33. Thean Kooi

34. Loong Ming
Age 50, rubber tapper

35. Lim Chin Chin
Age 32, Pro-Tem secretary of Aliran KL Branch, coordinator for the research at the Christian Federation of Malaysia

36. Lai Shew Yet

37. Dr Poh Boon Sing
UPM Engineering Faculty lecturer

38. Low Tin Hock

39. James Lai Chee Seng
Pastor of First Baptist Church

40. Wong Heng Wee
Rubber tapper from Kampung Baru Cina

41. Loh Foh Lai
Rubber Tapper

42. Jamaludin Othman
Religious Teacher, a Malay who converted to Christianity

43. Abdul Latif Mohamad
Age 47, former PAS youth leader, committee member of PAS Besut division

44. Haji Muhammad Ariff Yaacob
Perak PAS ulamak chief

45. Muhamad Sabu
Age 33, Penang PAS Youth Chief

46. Bunyamin Haji Yaakob
Age 41, Exco PAS Youth, Kelantan PAS Youth leader

47. Khaled Abu Samad
Age 32, PAS Youth Secretary, considered a promising second echelon leader in PAS

48. Mohamed Yusuf Karim
Age 40, head of the Naksabandiah Religious Group

49. Haji Suhaimi Saad
Age 42, PAS legal advisor

50. Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
Exco of UMNO Youth and Deputy Chairman of Perak UMNO Youth

51. Arokiadass
Age 42, engineer, unionist, Parti Rakyat Malaysia member

52. Dr MohamadNasir Hashim
Associate Professor at UKM, Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty, Chairman of Insan

53. Mohamed Yunus bin Lebai Ali
self employed, PAS Baling Division secretary

54. Halim Arshat
PAS Youth Chief

55. Brother Anthony Rogers
Age 38, assistant director of the National Office for Human Development

56. Chow Chee Keong

57. Chew Wa Boo
Vegetable seller

58. Sivamoorty s/o Solai
Chairman of a factory in-house workers union, a lawyer

59. Chay Tow Wah

60. Cheong Ah Kow @ Ah Kow
Insurance agent

61. Wee Choo Keong
lawyer, DAP advisor

62. Mohamed Fahmi Ibrahim
Age 39, State Assemblyman for Pandan, UMNO Youth Exco

63. Kee Chong @ Kee Choy

64. Ong Tin Kim
Gerakan Parlimentary Secretary to the Minister of Post and Telecommunications

65. Hilmy Mohamed Nor
Marketing representative, a Malay who converted to Christianity

Another 54 were taken in before the end of this bleak dark shameful year in Malaysia history.


Anonymous said...

The Tun's greatest act of infamy. Why was he also mostly out of the country like earlier during Memali and then blame Musa?

He may want posterity to remember him as a "hero" but that takes a lot of spinning and revisionism. He won't succeed in this.

Lee Kim Sai was forwarned to "escape" to Ozzieland(to save face for MCA), wasn't he? He was quite a coward.

Why was the term, "chauvinism" only used for the nons?

Private Adam ran amok because his brother was killed by someone from whom there can be no redress, wasn't it? Sure took some years for this to be made known via sources like the late MGG Pillai. Maybe that's why he wasn't shot dead on the spot and much effort was made to persuade him to surrender instead.

This incident of Op Lalang precludes the Tun's 22 years as enlightening, among other things. Since he could not apologise for this violation of human rights, he cannot hope to be remembered in kindly terms.

Najib's role, and others' are not also forgotten and has rightfully marred them no matter if the cowed MSM pretends the events never happened.


Anonymous said...

Has the gomen ever analysed if their ISA actions all these years had caused any one of their victims to be 'reeducated' or had it done the opposite...i.e. made them more anti gomen???

The answer will reveal if ISA is an effective tool. If not, abolish it!

anthony said...

dear lulu,

looks like you also got sth up on Op Lalang 1987.

my site has sth too:

the flash file can be found here:

while Bobkee has converted the flash into video and posted it on YouTube at:

denzook said...

Chay Tow Wah - farmer, Chew Wa Boo - Vegetable seller, Kee Chong @ Kee Choy - sawmiller, Loh Foh Lai - Rubber Tapper, what have these ppl done ?

Anonymous said...

"..what have these ppl done ?"
What could the others have done, as well that Umno mainstream has not always done worse? Maybe the veggies and farmer fellas gave some impassioned speeches and this was made known to the SB and recorded. Madey scrapped the bottom of the barrel to pass the blind blame expectedly and true to form.

In LKS blog, he calls on AAB to apologise for Op Lalang. We know that won't happen. But supposing, for one moment, he and Mady jointly apologise, that isn't enough, is it? AAB would need to abolish the ISA as less. He hasn't what it takes.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud to say that Lim Fong Seng was my grand-uncle and I must say, MCA during those days were made up of tougher and more-righteous people....they really fought for their beliefs, unlike the MCA leaders of today, all ass-kissers.

moo_t said...

There is always a question for Anwar on his role about Ops lalang. Instead of denial, Anwar admit his mistake. But Tun M and Najib roles on ops lalang will take years to surface.

Anonymous said...


professor dr tan ka kheng is my unclelah!

he went through hell. i wanted to interview him with regards to his detention. he turned me down.


azraai andrew