Sunday, October 07, 2007

sticky- to cut a long story short, if you agree with the petition, sign it.

to be posted on top till the end of this week.
Please be a part of the people who are petitioning the Agong to review the judiciary system in Malaysia.

You know how you and your friends sit together at the coffee shop/mamak/Zipangu and start lamenting about the judges/courts/judiciary system in the country?
have you ever complained about the judiciary system in Malaysia?

did you talk about how some very senior judges have been constantly overlooked in the numerous promotion exercises that have proceeded during the tenure of Tun Ahmad Fairuz, with junior judges being preferred?

did you banter how at least one judge promoted to the Federal Court is reported to have failed to deliver written judgments in up to as many as 35 cases, resulting in many inprisoned still waiting for that to be completed before taking the next step of appealing the sentence?

were you aghast about the sudden change of the trial judge in an ongoing murder trial in Shah Alam?

You wanna know how nasty the courts can get? Go read this
and even as Lulu blogs now, we are watching the public prosecutor and the judge act in the most bumbling bee proffesionalism in Shah Alam. No wonder why the Tiger of Jelutong applied to be allowed to participate actively in the trial. At the rate the thrial is going, the verdict will also be a "no wonder".
How can we expect fair trial if ever anything happens to us?

You worried?
Lulu's worried
If you were sued by some ahem-linked company, do you have confidence you'd get a fair trial?

Think about it.
If at the end of this think-think, you have confidence in the judiciary system, then continue doing what you were planning to do after this.
If not, go to Haris' blog and read the petition that he has drawn out. Then send a mail to with your full name and IC number.
Please do not be afraid of persecution. Like the "Do you want May 13 to happen again?", this is just the bogeyman that the bullies like to wave at us.

Thanks and have a good day


Anonymous said...

In the end, considering whatever crimes and indignities the govt has committed, the majority of bumis will still vote for BN because that's the way way they can cling onto their NEP priviledges. It's like in Northern Ireland, where the Catholics will never ever vote for the Protestant Unionist Party.

Pearls said...

Hmmm... to be fair, horrific things that we see in our judiaciary system happens every where around the world. The only difference is that our "players"(the guilty rasuah, misuah lawyers, judge, chief justice and duno what else la... I never go school, so duno much about this particular organisation chart)are not as clever as their comrades around the world! Hmmm.. yah, they want to cheat and lie and scheme with a half brain capacity. I duno how they pass their bar exams la... I am not the examiner! Hehehe..

So.. if you ask me, I can say that I am speechless over what has always been happening in our little "justice for all"system. And, if I cannot beat them in their little justice game and need to go to court to seek justice, I suppose I will play their game too. Be equally dirty if not more! Seduce the judge, bonk the other party's lawyers and make them lose more than their brains.... Wahaha...

Yah.. might as well use such screwed ups to my advantage... Oh! I am become evil!

What A Lulu said...

anon 8:13 and pearl,
would you sign the petition for a better, more trustworthy judiciary to protect the nobodies like you and i?
it's not just what you do which will make a difference for your children tomorrow, what you don't do also has an everlasting effect.

denzook said...

that's an old news, no big hoohaa. so, one should get rich, connected, join bn (with emphasis) and you will sure hell get a lot of confidence in judiciary at your side.

to quote keng yaik, what's the use of petition, even you get 1000,000. remember, this is malaysia where petitions = autograph signatures, not us or taiwan. show me statistic that petition can change things in malaysia and i will change my mind.

What A Lulu said...

and i thought i was a pessimist...

a petition that made a difference? a petition was drawn up to highlight the citizen's concern on the governments decision to ban the iban bible a few years ago. that, together with the christian groups lobbying and the understanding of the ministers, not forgetting, seeking intervention from above [and lulu's not just talking about earthy powers] saw the lifting of the ban.
another petition that worked in its own quiet way was the one created to safeguard the ethos of her alma mater. the new headmistress had initially done away with a lot of the school traditions. a petition went out and received support from the old girls, parents, and people who recognised the workings of old school tradition. though the hm never officially acknowledged the petition, she toe-ed the line a bit more carefully after that.

doesn't work?
wanna see if this one works?
maybe it wont, but we'll never know if we don't help see it through on our part.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Lulu's sentiment but the reality bite of Anon's 8:13 AM comment and it's such that the idea is like one of having 100 passengers in a large lifeboat and having only 5 of them rowing frantically with makeshift oars while the rest can't but actually won't see the whirlpool ahead and actually incessantly empowers the top heavy cynicism as denzook puts it. But unlike him/her, I only expect a sign....;) It's not there :(


Anonymous said...

look who were the judges that sent guan eng to jail based on trump up judges. now you know why he went to jail. now you know why Anwar went to jail. now you know why Lina Joy lost. now you know why some lawyers want to appear before certain judges only. now you know why certain lawyers have a track record of not losing cases before certain judges.
now its about others. one day, it may be you. now you know why it is important, like lulu said, support the petition.

Anonymous said...

now you also know how some judges get to be appointed as CJ by the PM...and how crooks get appointed as the AG, ACA DG, IGP, ministers and so on.

Come on-lah, we are living in a 3rd world under-developed country inhabited mainly by mentally under-developed imbeciles and ruled by mentally under-developed conmen, what do you expect? Just thank your lucky stars that Osama Laden is not going to become our next PM

Anonymous said...

Remember the joke. A country without railway but having a railway minister. And another country with a law minister but without justice. But more to all these, in a Bodohland without integrity in the judiciary system, the practice of "selective prosecution" is also rampant. Cronies escape the law and those opposing the government will be prosecuted. Remember politically disobedient people will be prosecuted. Remember during Dr Mahathir's tenure, three MCA former leaders were jailed, namely Tan Koon Swan (former MCA president), Wang Choon Wing (former deputy Youth and Sports Minister) and Kee Yong Wee (deputy trade and industry minister). Till today, many believed they were victims of selective prosecution in the latter part of 1980s based on flimsy misdemeanours. Tan Koon Swan paid for his price for refusing to back down on his challenging Neo Yee Pan as party president. The truth shall come out one day. When the rot of the judiciary already happened at that time, what was really the truth?


denzook said...

i oversighted at this, however, the iban bible "just" involves stroke of pen to write off the ban. the headmistress is dealing with "school", and school needs donations and students. and i don't call this a big hoohaa.

it is great different for the petition asking to SACK. to SACK the top judge. the judge that "contributes". not only this, the petition also "humiliates" the ceo, implying him and his orang bawahan "incapable" and "corrupted". moreover the petition is from blogs which they most detest and deem untruth. and how would such "dishonest" bloggers claim petition valid ? and how such petition will be effective when election in machap and ijok failed where incidents like lim guan eng, oil for food, "close one eye", istana zakaria, oil price hike, tol hike, nasi kandar in australia, yacht in turkey, altantuya, etc etc,.... and how i thought ijok and machap will be close fight like lunas previously. do you think the gov is stupid? If they relent and sack the judge,the next petition will be calling the ceo to step down, and such and such!

carboncopy said...

I once asked Uncle Kit, and Guan Eng,

"what kept them going?"

Guan Eng replied saying, when he stand up for ppl without hope. And he sees hope coming back into their eyes when you stand up for them.

I told Uncle Kit, that it feels that it is useless. Nothing seems to change.

Uncle Kit told me, "that is what "THEY" want you to believe."

The truth is, at the end of the day. If the number of voters are overwhelmingly against BN. They will loose their legitimacy to their current illegitimate ruling.

No matter how many dirty tricks they have up their sleeves. They will loose.

Milosevic had to be defeated TWICE in election before he was force out of power. Of course the people have to march into the city by the millions to remove the illegitimate ruler of the day, but the people had the mandate to do that because they did what was right.

Are you going to do what is right?
Lulu did not only what is right, but is encouraging people to carry on the torch. I think the country have enough agents of the power that be.

So, be an agent of change. Not an agent to permeate and breed rottenness.

Anonymous said...

Milosevic was forced out of power by his fellow Sebs because he lost the wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. If he had won those wars, the Serbs would never had forced him to step down as President nor would they hand him to the World Court in the Hague.

Anonymous said...

"No matter how many dirty tricks they have up their sleeves. They will loose."

They will - eventually - but meantime there are not only selfish ppl at the grassroot who keeps voting the way way, everytime, but selfish elites too. See :

Anonymous said...

BTW, Consider this Umnoputra(or isn't it also "Umnoputar) dissimulator casting himself as an in-house 'reformer' of sorts:

Part of the newspeak trickery mentioned.


Pearls said...

I believe politic is a very dirty game. Irrespective whether he is from the ruling or opposition party, they all have their hidden agendas. This, we must not forget. So, I wont say that the opposition party is all out for a good cause. Sigh.. haven't seen anyone like that since Mother Theresa!

So, coming back to this petition and all... I suppose in Malaysia, there have been many occasions where petition, shout and scream till you are hoarse and coarse or take to the street, did nothing to change anything! Just take a look at some law revision which has atracted a lot of petition and noise, it ranges from labour laws to increment of utility tariff to name a few. Did they care if you are going to hang yourself in protest. NOOOO... they continue on.. No cares for the world and what can you do about it? NOTHING!

Sigh..I dont think we, Malaysians have reached that maturity where we can change, shake things with petition or peaceful demonstration. Shrug.. dunno.. maybe it because we have COWS for a ruling party?

carboncopy said...

Its about the momentum.

As I said earlier, if there's overwhelming votes against BN (i leave the figures to you), they will be shaken.

If we continue to say never, never it would be, till the generation that is brave enough to make a stand where their forefathers failed.

It is a question of when, not if.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CC, even a great reduction in majority has better effect than petitions. A petition is like a sort of Bandaid(like Handyplus)meant for only minor cuts even when it seemingly works(very rarely). A petition, after all, is a sort of supplication, an appeal to authority and when those in authority are self-serving rogues, it is surely very limited in effectiveness. No harm trying but be 90% prepared to be disappointed.


ghostline said...

Quite the debate. It's one thing to be coldly realistic, it's quite another to be completely consumed by cynicism and negativism.

I just have this to say:
If we try... we may succeed, or we may fail; If we do not try... we will DEFINITELY fail.

To those of you consumed by cynicism, it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy: "...the system is like that, so no point for me to try. And no point for anyone else to try either. In fact, I'll castigate them for even trying."

Don't be so consumed by cynicism that you yourself become the obstacle to progress. Try. Please support the petition and when the time comes, vote wisely; there are many people making great efforts to improve this country.

Anonymous said...

"To those of you consumed by cynicism, it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy"

Hmm...Not necessarily so fatalistically determined as such.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men....which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune."
William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

The moment may not be opportune and even Shakespeare may be reduced to just a Patrick Teoh's "Niamah!" The pulse of common mass consciousness is presently faint and dissonant.


zorro said...

OK people we have had our say....Lulu's post was to garner a yes for the petition. Just tell her if you will sign the petition.My initial response to this petition was to sign, but when I saw with my own eyes what ordinary Malaysians like Augustine, his wife serena and friend Benny did for the petition, it jolted me. I became aware what my future Malaysian grandkids will point an accsing finger at me.I dedicated a posting to these people who DARED sign and urged their friends to do likewise. Sign up and tell Lulu you did.

Anonymous said...


Statistic is needed for any event. But, Right or Wrong should not be counted by NUMBERS.
The last RED March in Taiwan had both. The Statistic is done by each donating NT100 into an account and so the amount gave an indication of "Vote". Many had acted by joining the March - so action taken as well.

The Lawyers had shown their wishes in the March but the GROUND is not well defined, especially, more was mentioned in the Interest of Lawyers (for a saying in the selection of Judges) than those General Public. They forget they should go via the legal systems, even if the system is rotten. Instead of getting Justice from the system, one may have to prove that the Judiciary system preferred to act against Fairness. Similarly, I believe people were/are quite aware that the government system is also rotten, but, they reported to the Police and ACA to test if they are rotten too.

When Sivarasa and Sim are under threat because of the "manipulation" of rules by the ACA, the Public should support them (if this means something) to take up a case so that they can go by "law" to test the judiciary system. Either getting the kind of injunction needed to stop ACA being bully or to prove that the system is again BIAS.

Suggestion is to call a fund raising of RM10/person to deposit direct into an Account hold by Uncle Lim Kit Siang to support the kind of legal action required for Sivarasa and Sim. The amount is automatically recorded by the Bank. And, an auditing party has to be called in as well for accountability and transparency.

Then, we have NUMBERS and ACTION. The question is if Uncle Lim will do it and which Lawyer(s) are trust-worthy to do it and accept it.

For any country, the correct way should be in the legal way and not political (if at all possible). By doing so, we hope to see something is moving or at least be started IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR THE FUTURE - we base on the credibility and willingness to serve the Public to place our bet and not to start from Party. A start to break the Wall of Parties if possible.

Two accounts can be set up - one for calling of RCI and another for the protection of whistle blowers. However, the funding can be combined if needed.