Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lulu Wonders If This Is The Beginning of The Syariah Court Encroaching On Business Activities

I'm VERY concerned about the Syariah Court granting an injunction on a business entity.
if the agreement was signed under common law, would not the common law be where they need to seek justice? why is the Syariah Court interfering?

Lulu is gravely concerned.
SEREMBAN: Are the receivers of a five-star hotel here duty-bound to obey an injunction from the Syariah High Court?
This is the question that needs to be addressed following a decision by the Syariah Court here which granted an injunction to three sisters to stop the receivers from continuing to conduct business transactions on their behalf.
Sat 20/10 Syariah Court grants injunction

What can of worms is this opening?
As a non-Muslim, is Lulu one step closed to dhimi-ness?
If you have any dealing with a Muslim, do you fully understand the implications of this injunction and the future liability that you may face?

What does all this mean - that the Syariah Court has granted an injunction on a business entity?
It used to Islamic law on Muslims
Then they added Muslims and non believing family members
Now business entities?

Believe me, you should be too


Anonymous said...

What are the nons' BN component parties doing about such things? The lapdogs pretend there is no problem, no threat whatsoever.

Watch this video,
why isn't the mufti, in the last part, charged for racist hate speech? Why was there no sign of real investigation even after being implicated in the last SMS incident that caused a demonstration at a Church?

Islamist like Al Qaradawi(almost an equivalent of an islamist "Pope") was also feted by the AAB Gomen and allow to his famous anti-infidel hate speech over loud speakers in KL mosque not that long ago. Even some Malays were embarrassed over this.


Anonymous said...

AAB wants to be FAIR, remember? Dhimmitude is anything but fair. So, is AAB a "Mr. Clean", a "Pao Kung", etc...? He can wink as much as he wants but that will get him nowhere here.

In a real world, talk has to have sound basis otherwise it is simply kok tok(identifiable by more ppl than only Patrick Teoh, really).


kittykat46 said...

I read the article very carefully and its still quite confusing to me.
The Hotel entity is registered under normal commercial law, and when the company became insolvent, it became subject to normal demands from its creditors, and the receivers taking over was a normal procedure.

The Syariah court has jurisdiction over Islamic Family law, and that includes distribution of property in the event of a family break up, death etc. So if the brother gave rights to his property to his sisters in a Syariah court, it likely has legal standing.
But that just gives the sisters rights as shareholders.

Any disputes the sisters have as shareholders with the Receivers have to be taken to Civil court, the Syariah court has no power over normal commercial transactions.

Sounds to me this case is a bit more complicated than reported.

Anonymous said...

Behind the complication within this specific case, KK46, the core drive for mundane power is not a boon.


Anonymous said...

if the syariah court puts a hand in this commercial case, the biggest loser will be the muslim borrowers. down the road, non-islamic commercial banks will have grave doubts to lend to muslim borrowers. Period. its just pure commercial, nothing less and nothing more.

Pearls said...

No need to panic...Everybody.. no need to panic.... Let's wait and see what our PM has to say.. what our chief justice has to say.. maybe better to wait for what Amok Nazri has to say..

If all say things that we all know is not right, than perhaps it is time to run amok and show these law makers once and for all how to carry out their job properly!

Fedup big time liao.... Not even bothered to be worried... Just waiting to boil to amok status!

Anonymous said...

One hand cannot make a clap.
Following considerations are important to see the mind-set of those involved and if any party had done the job properly:
1. Did those 3 "heirs" insist on taking this to the Syariah Court?
2. Did the lawyer perform the duty with all necessary explanation before taking up the instruction? Or, should they drop the engagement to preserve their professionalism when it is not right even on the ground? Or, the initiation was a "recommendation" from the lawyer who take preference of court instead of the suitability of Law.
3. Did the court or the judge take consideration of their limitation in granting such an order with NO but giving a proper advice instead? Or, it has become a practice (may be also in the Civil court) that injunction can be easily obtained without even consideration of the ground?

This spells the confusion of having two separate systems not only to people who try to think special about religion but also to the law itself. The fundamental concept that Common should include the domain of religion and not religion to be a domain for all the Commons should be clarified or the confusion will be endless.


Anonymous said...

In a nutshell:
Certainly, behind the secular Law is reason and logic in the interest of humanity. Not so with syariah which wants total mundane power via controlling EVERYTHING via belief and fatalism. Therefore its tendency to encroach knows/understands no limit.


xian said...

we tend to get a bit wallowy looking at people's long thesis on what is wrong here and there ( there are many, probably way too many as u have mentioned ).

to cut the story and flush out all rather academic hypothesis on what why how there is now only one reaction and only one reaction.

Action. no no GE . How do we overthrow the gomen yesterday ?

Anonymous said...

this is boleh land!

anything & everything are possible as long as their justifications serve their own interest.

how the heck there are 3 muslim directors in that gambling den in genting, not haram ke?

Anonymous said...

GE doesn't meet you have to Vote, if candidates are not performing.

Vote only those who perform.

If no one to your expectation, cross them all out even if you go to Vote to show your Rights of disagreeing THOSE who perform NOT!!

Anonymous said...

please write something on the DISGUSTING display by umno with the flag and the spaceman, and the statement that by the PM himself, that "whenever this flag flies at UMNO HQ from the to of menara dato onn, it will be a reminder to MALAYS that if they equip themselves blah blah blah..........

it was bad enough that the money was wasted sending the fler to space, but okay, at least it was almost acceptable as a malaysian "feat". but now that UMNO is claiming it as a solely MALAY feat, proves that the token indian and chinese candidates didnt have a hope in hell.... but we all knew that didnt we.

Irate Corpulent Doughman

Anonymous said...

for a race not only afraid but don't have an ounce of guts to step out from their nep sarong...