Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lulu Wonders About The Ops Lalang Detainees

Ever since I put up the list, I have been wondering, what some of these 1st day Lalang detainees had done that earned them the privilege of being lalang-ed 20 years ago.
There were those on the list who were identified as businessmen, rubber tappers, nightmarket traders, lecturers and so on. Ordinary people like you and me. What did they do to earn the wrath of the Home Minister? How were they a threat to the nation?

I can't recall what it was that caused me to do a search on the name "Chee Heng Leng", one of the first day detainees of the swoop that took place 20 years ago.
I didn't even realise that the person is a lady.
From the google search, I learnt that she is an educationist, now working in NUS, Singapore. No, she did not leave the country after Ops Lalang. She continued to work in UPM until 2003, her last position was as an Associate Professor. Her area of expertise is on healthcare, with a focus on the corporatization of healthcare in Malaysia. She has a number of papers which are women related.

Some of the papers she published was co-written by Cecilia Ng, another familiar name.
Lulu googled it, and learnt the she is another of Ops Lalang's detainees. She was a lecturer, and like Dr Chee, Dr Ng was a woman activist. They are both PhD holders.
Malaysiakini has an article on her incarceration, Detained on strength of mere suspicion. She was held on the pretext of having links with the underground communist movement.

Dr Chee Heng Leng
Dr Cecilia Ng
two ordinary normal everyday women, doing their part as Malaysians advocating not just women's rights per se, but a better life for women in Malaysia.
Does it scare you into thinking that if you stand up against what is wrong and press for what is right, you would be incarcerated?
It does scare me.
But what is even scarier would be what happens if we remain silent.
I really don't want to know, and so I will continue to blog about what is wrong. This is a pale comparison to what these two brave women have contributed, but I do hope that I am making a difference.
I hope that you would make your stand too in issues that affect this nation of ours.

DAP will be holding a public forum on Remembering Ops Lalang (1987-2007) tomorrow.
Date: 31 October 2007 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:30p.m-1045p.m.
Venue: KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Special Guest: Malek Hussin (Chairman, MAFREL and former ISA detainee)
Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (Chairman, Gerakan Masuhkan ISA)
Nolaila Othman (Wife of a current ISA detainee)
Lim Kit Siang (Parliamentary Opposition Leader)
Karpal Singh (DAP National Chairman)
Tan Seng Giaw (DAP Deputy National Chairman)
Lim Guan Eng (DAP Secretary-General)
the last four names were taken in during Lalang.
In Remembering Ops Lalang, we will also remember to press to abolish the ISA.

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