Monday, October 22, 2007

Lulu on Between Running Amok and Controlling Anger

“But you must remember the word amok comes from this country and there is a limit to everything,” - Nazri Aziz

In typical a case of running amok, a male who has shown no previous sign of anger or any inclination to violence will acquire a weapon and, in a sudden frenzy, will attempt to kill or seriously injure anyone he encounters.

Wikipedia offers some suggestions on possible causes.
1. pysical consequence of alcoholism, drug addiction, heat or internal parasites.
2. a sudden explosion of internal tension created by life in a highly hierarchical society; both Malay and Javanese traditional societies are said to have been extremely hierarchical, with an emphasis on deference to rulers.
3. a form of spirit possession.
4. amok is closely related to male honor (amok by women is virtually unknown). In many cases where the background of the amok-runner is known, there seems to have been some element of deep shame which prevented the man from living honorably, as he saw it, in his own society.
5. Running amok was both a way of escaping the world (since perpetrators were normally killed) and re-establishing one's reputation as a man to be feared and respected.

When Lulu read about how this 15 year old boy stabbed a seven year old to death over "allegedly disturbing chicken and turkeys ", it made Lulu think, is that what this running amok that Nazri is talking about?
To lose you cool and get so, so uncontrollably angry that you kill someone in rage?

yes Nazri, there is a limit to everything. Running amok does not excuse you from taking the life of someone's son. It doesn't. "Sorry"s and "I didn't mean to do it" will not return someone's dead son to him.
Anger needs to be managed. Tantrums should not be tolerated but taught how to be dealt with.

Lulu feels very sad for the seven year old's family, his friend who was with him and the 15 year old who has to bear the guilt of taking the life of another for the rest of his life.

Run amok? Let's learn to control our anger.
if you would like to read more about Controlling Anger, do drop by this site managed by the American Psychological Association.


Anonymous said...

Isn't he promoting the ideology of going berserk every time one is defeated by reality or reason? A national treasure indeed, and very useful, politically, for capping limit at any convenient level suitable for repression. You really can't beat such a deal!


Anonymous said...

The Neanderthal in charge of Law promotes uncivilized behaviour as a means(and justification) by itself, IOW!


Pearls said...

Yup... that's him. Nazri the amok!

I think that picture of Nazri and this amok statement was said quite awhile ago and it has stuck to him like glue.

Yes, anger needs to be managed, tantrum should never be tolerated but taught how to be dealt with. Correct. This is something Nazri has to get it right before the rest of his clans... his type of color can understand that in this world, such barbarian thinking needs to be struck off!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic. He seems to be doing a "sieg heil".


Anonymous said...

nasri running amok:

A very common and aligned myth of his treachery and amok that persists to this day in rapidly modernising Malaysia, as evidenced by the very public berating of Malay by elite Malay, most usually politicians, is his supposed indolence or idleness.

Like this generalisation of the lazy natives, the Malay, Javanese, Fillipinos, Polynesians, Puerto Ricans, Navajo, etc., all who once ranked amongst the class of ‘naked brown savages’ then also supposedly possess cultural equivalents of that complimentary spontaneous violent behaviour of amok (cathard, mal de pelea).

Anonymous said...

Amok Season Again?

farish a noor ...

Anonymous said...

Our former colonial masters would have been proud:

After a century of colonial indoctrination, the Malays (of UMNO at least) have finally internalised the myth of the irrational, backward and lazy Malay as never before.

One is reminded of the words of Frank Swettenham who described this as the land of the amok. In his words:

‘Malaya, land of the pirate and the amok, your secrets have been well guarded, but the enemy has at last passed your gate, and soon the irresistible juggernaut of Progress will have penetrated to your remotest fastness, ‘civilised’ your people, and stamped them with the seal of a higher morality’

... farish a noor - 18th Nov 2006

Anonymous said...

Running Amuck (Amok) is a a culture-specific syndrome or culture-bound syndrome. Like fanaticism, that anger within cannot be controlled since it's the faulty culture that induces and gave birth to it over a long time of preconditioning.

To therefore spin that into something justifiable is actually contemptible and absurd.


wits said...

Nazri cannot even claim to going berserk as an originality(as a dubious "first")

The Berserkers were Norse warriors and mercenaries:

A program has been shown over Astro(History Channel?)on these historical Berserkers.

They at least could direct their berserking to good battle use(in their time and context from taking some mysterious 'magic mushrom'(?) brew) unlike the common case of running amok which could even be a sort of involuntary spirit possession predisposed by own rather weak spiritual internals such as control or will.


denzook said...

nazri - cool.... better than dull rais yatim

Anonymous said...

The old basi Rice is also orphaned from common decency in thinking. He plays the race card every time to get a boost.


Anonymous said...

Wonder whether Najib has factored in Amok-ry as another great contribution to the 'Great Malaysia ' in his speech in France at the launching of the Scorpene submarine?