Friday, October 05, 2007

Lulu Posses Logical Myopia?

That's what Russian ambassador to Malaysia Alexander Karchava said.
Recently, it was reported that Nasa had listed Malaysia’s two Angkasawans as space flight participants and not as astronauts for the ISS mission 16. This led to several reports here doubting the status of the Angkasawan.
Describing the cynics as possessing “logical myopia,” he said that during the medieval period, there were also critics who doubted the European quests to seek new territories, claiming it a waste of money.
“Yet in the end, it was those who went beyond the known worlds who reaped political and economic benefits.

Lulu's the type who would still call a spade a spade even when some big boss out there is calling the spade the great shifter of the earth.

But, mind you, his spaceflight participant status was not something Lulu maliciously created. That's what NASA called him. Look at his credentials compared to the other cosmonauts. And if you wiki it, a spaceflight participant is a space tourist. A cosmonaut? really?

Logical myopia?
Yar, and his study tour in space would hopefully reap fruits and benefits like those derived from the Selangor State Assemblymen's trip to China.

The whole angkasawan thingy has been a farce.

The selection from the thousands who applied. The race and gender friendly top 4. And now the nation is clamouring with pride over the first Muslim in space during Ramadhan. Could that always have been the intention?

The announcement of the final ONE. The glamour ceremony. The pretend to build up the tension and excitement. All this kononnya hush-hush, when all this time, NASA had already put it up on their website prior to the PM's announcement. I really dont think any bookie was accepting bets on this "sure win".

Lulu's not too sure about Logical Myopia, but Lulu's certain that there are people out these who want Malaysians to blindly believe in this Malaysia [not forgetting, Muslim] boleh!


denzook said...

did some google "malaysian astronaut", "muslim astronaut" out of curiosity:

especially the third link google returns so many to my surprise.... it spans over iht, msnbc, abc and i bet no one will not recognize the astronaut indeed ...

donno if i should proud, or embarass for this when bring out at mamak ....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Russians are not such bad businessmen that they would stop selling you agricultural tractors simply because you choose to call them 'Soyuz Earthcrafts'.


ghostline said...

It's a spade! It's a spade!

Anonymous said...

It is very likely that the 2nd space tourist who trained together with the first would also get an expensive ride to space later on. This is going to cost the Malaysian taxpayers at least another USD 30 million

Anonymous said...

impressive!!! this is how u create towering malaysian

want to be angkasa 1?

how?... oh yes, those fools in amno way of doing it... by dishing out $80M on a part-time model to have a joyride.

pak shah said...

Who would take you seriously if from Day One you were talking about pulling teh tarik and flipping roti canai in space ?

Anonymous said...

Space Participants:

Thinking M'sian therefore sez, "HOT AIR!"


Anonymous said...

even the russian federal space agency call the "flight participant" only....

our ministers has been lying again..... syok sendiri..

p/s: if the page loads in russian, click the england flag at the top right to switch to the english version of the page..

Anonymous said...

it clearly says in the russian space agency website that he is flying as an agreement with the agency.... and not cosmonaut ...

Anonymous said...

Lulu ain't myopic, a tourist is a tourist. Take it from the Russian website:

Malaysian tourist ready for space mission
... making final preparations for Wednesday's launch of a Soyuz craft to the International Space Station. The 16th expedition is made up of two professional crew members - a Russian and an American - and Malaysia's first space.. tourist.

From many years ago, Bolehland just must pronounce Bhutto as "but-toh", while the rest of the world pronounce that as "boot-toh". So, in fact, parochial denial isn't anything new but apparently cultural as well.


Anonymous said...

And to add more satire, he goes up a mere 200 plus miles into Space and says he's (that much!)"closer to god". The absence of deeper Spiritual understanding really shows up by creedish rote:

Malaysian astronaught to get closer to God

Independent Online - Cape Town,South Africa
Baikonur, Kazakhstan - Malaysian astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor said on Tuesday he hopes to get closer to God when he ventures to the stars this week ...