Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lulu Poser

Look at these pictures.

Macam ramai yang hadir, ya. Quite a full turnout.
The pictures were taken by JeffOoi at the press conference held for the victims of the Tioman ferry tragedy.

How many editors do you think would allow this in their papers tomorrow?
Malaysiakini has
But Lulu doesn't think that those papers who quote bloggers would.

Well, we'll see in 6 hours time.
Goodnight all!

Update 9am
NST reports on it at Survivors want answers from authorities
The Star has a small mention of it at Drowned couple buried, giving more prominence to what the Klang MP Datin Paduka Tan Kee Yew has to say over what the victims have to say.
Berita Harian reports Cuti bertukar tragedi which was from an interview which took place at a victim's home
I couldn't find anything on it in Utusan

ooo..... looks like all the papers with the exception of NST is very DAP phobic. In case you haven't realised it yet, the very well attended press conference took place at DAP's HQ in PJ.

btw, remember our publicity seeking good for nothing MPs? well, bad enough they have nothing of value to contribute to the tragedy now, they made things so much worse by holding up rescue efforts by their insistense for Kodak moments.
This is what Johnny has to say
Here's what my girlfriend told. She was told to head out to search either 8am or 9am(somewhere around that time). They wait for it and asked the marine police if they can head out already or not but the marine police said that they need to wait for the YB(Yang Berhormat) to come first.The operation was delayed till the arrival of the FIRST YB and the YB with marine police head out without the victim's relatives.
go read more about it at http://blogging-johnny.blogspot.com/2007/10/appreciate-but-at-same-time.html


Anonymous said...

As Jeff mentioned, nobody listened to Alicia Au:

A Tioman disaster waiting to happen
Alicia Au
Jun 12, 06 4:19pm

Of course the 3 couples ought to sue, not just consider that. The kangkong choy minister just warms his seat like the others, as usual...something part and parcel of the overall malaise. Won't the MSM do all its best to camouflage by ommission that implication? You betcha.


Anonymous said...

All the mainstream media have been ordered, under pains of suspension of license, to play down all types of negative news affecting the country. So what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Transport Minister and his enforcement officers know that there are illegal ferry operators there all tehse years. Didn't they know the safety precautions should be consistently drilled and practice by ferry operators? Why was this tragedy allowed to happen? What was the State assemblyman and the MP in the constituency doing? More questions and probable tragedies in future as long as ad hoc "fire fighting" policies keep repeating in cycles, the mindset of the current government regime. Do our government Ministers really think out of the box in anticipating tragedies? They are busy attending functions, talking rhetorics and enjoying the perks and wooing voters' support. The truth is has always been there except this tragic event is just an eye opener.....for a while till memory dims again. Until another tragedy to happen.

Opened Eye Donkey

denzook said...

my condolence to 3 died in the tragedy.
reminds me of tsunami tragedy 2 years ago, the ybs dancing for spotlight.... they never learn, do they ?

the marines for sure believed the victims have died, so why waste effort and there was good opportunity to pose with yb. do you really believe the victims will alive when missing ? it will be real miracle and definitely not in malaysia.. in fact, the passengers are really very very lucky that there was civilian boat passing by, and it happened daytime. i can imagine when headline screams 106 dead, and sure boleh masuk malaysia book records, the mps/ybs/umno screams here and there but same things continue and life goes on. there was this 20 perished when an express bus took a nosedive in 5m ditch, but what happened aftermath ? did the company close shop ? did the transport ministry revamp ? did the minister resign ? is there boost of efficiency ? and if 106 really died, will the news still appear "news-in-brief" small section in the mainstream ?

the thing i angry is the crews now sings different tune as they were victimized, they were actually heroes. and why the company publicly acknowledged "paying for funeral" ?

is just another of hundreds/thousands accident in malaysia, no big deal actually.... what's next - plane dives at klcc or penang bridge ?

Pearls said...

No need to talk so much... There is nothing to talk... just sack that Choy boy la. Hopelessly hopeless! How bad is that!?? One tradegy after another. These are tradegies waiting to happen and it has happened.

Of course, the minister and his kakitangan know about all these illegal ferry operators, illegal bus operators, bus drivers that are underpaid, overworked, abused and cheated on... the list goes on and on and on and on.... and OF COURSE! these irresponsible, no integrity, low life form who call themselves, people in office for the people, paid by the people just couldn't be bothered to put in a decent day's work FOR THE PEOPLE!!! They are simply to busy shaking hands or other parts of theirs or whoever's body and in process, wear a beautiful corsage!!!


That they die a horrific death for all their actions or lack of it! BURN IN HELL! Nah! take this stack of hell bank notes and go!

Fedup-ziazation already!

denzook said...

are these the ybs ???



Anonymous said...

Anon@9:42 AM:
"Didn't they know the safety precautions should be consistently drilled and practice by ferry operators?"

If No.1 can say, "I dunno", and gets away with that, this becomes even acceptable in the hierachy.

Who actually owns the ferry amd why were human beings allowed to be treated like cattle in a cattle car on a railway? I think this alone spoilt any holiday trip/mood no matter if it's an economy one. What has the consumer bodies done in hi-lighting this bit of everyday outrage that carries dire consequences? Right, Zam and the cowed MSM are both complicit in aiding dangerous malpractices.


Anonymous said...

while all these are happening, the blardie spaced-out bodowi was happy chatting with that orbiting guy...

that jeen was asking the good dr : are u eating well? wow... RM80m question?

even if this couple are not sensitive or empathetic towards the victims' next of kins, but at least pretend la! what a pair of jerk...!

Anonymous said...

To have to wait first for the MB?!
What's this, a public buffet party/function?!

Absolutely scandalous on the Marine Police part! Perhaps best demonstrating how politicians own the police and the death of professionalism.

Utusan don't mention things? It's role is not to inform. That's why one couldn't trust it to even report the weather forecast correctly, if it does that.


Anonymous said...

Pearls: "...take this stack of hell bank notes and go"---- but madam, some of those buffoons are of the opinion taht they are destined for heaven and so hell bank notes have no legal tender there. How about some heaven bank notes?

denzook said...

more on the yb ...