Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lulu Offers Free Ipod Nano

have you been looking and drooling over the latest Ipod Nano?
It's really, really so cool, makes me wanna drool!
do you want to buy it, but alas, you have a naggy spouse/parent who think that it's an expensive waste of money?

Lulu has an excellent proposal for you.

so, how about it? You can tell your wife you got the ipod free. Just dont tell her you paid RM2K for Amir Muhammad's Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 1) and Dean John's Mad About Malaysia. You may want to pass the books to her to read too as they are excellent readable books which give you relevant glimpses of negaraku.

Okay, this is not an original sales pitch.
Lulu took a cue from the Russian Space Agency and the people who sold the Sukhoi fighter jets and bindling it with a "free" trip to space.
Obviously, this pitch works because the Malaysian government didn't just fall for it once, but twice!
so, any takers?


Anonymous said...

Nice graphic, Lulu, soon you'll be on to posters creation! ;) You got ideas. The tech side is actually easier than the imagination side.


Anonymous said...

In Bolehland, freebies works!

Give contracts to designated persons - one Palace Zakaria free.
Buy sports equipment at ridiculous prices - two sports cars free
Scratch our backs and give access to FIL - Libra shares free

Amir said...

A bargain!

Anonymous said...

I want, I want, err can you send me the books and the Ipod and send the bill to the Sport Ministry - they will pay - GUARANTEED ! muah-hah-hah

mob1900 said...

Nice Irony!

maria said...

I hope to get 1 cheap Ipod Nano budget