Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lulu Not Offering Any Prizes If You Get This Correct

There was a question in a study that Lulu is doing which went like this,
How does pleasing one's neighbour [which means everyone] for his good differ from "people pleasing"?
"People pleasing" persons do it with a motive of pleasing and glamour-ing themselves. They put themselves into the spotlight under the pretext of helping someone. They want to be seen as kind and generous, but in reality, are usually selfish and selfcentered.
"Pleasing one's neighbour" persons are those who have the neighbour's heart in mind. They do it for their neighbour, not themselves. Sometimes, it is at a cost to themself. They have a heart of gold and are as selfless as it gets.

No prizes for guessing which category these ministers and their wives fall under.


Anonymous said...

Tee's parents on the left of the photo could not be blamed for wondering if the MCA clowns had come to perform circus tricks to entertain their daughter

Anonymous said...

sick people do sick thing... try gaining some political mileage at the expense of others miseries & suffering.

yet there are morons still vote for these sickos

Pearls said...

Sigh... the things our politicians will do to get some cheap thrill publicity. Sigh... Sigh... roll eyes and gently bang head against wall... Sigh... sigh....

Anonymous said...

The photo-ops opportunity is too good to pass up for these hypocrites. Quite a crowd there too - indicating that there isn't much else around to gain politcal mileage with.


Anonymous said...

Professionalism vs Politicians
Rules & Regulations vs Politics
Distinction should be clear
Practice should be strict

Being both as a Doctor (by academic) and Politician (by practice) should know both so as to head both in the Government office.

Has the Hospital given the necessary advice to the Group?

Organ Transparent is not only a matter of surgery but to be under strict administration in Hospital and the Government (for regulations and legislations).

Gaining the confidence of the public on all levels are important.

Is this photo in this direction?
Or, a general phenomenon of the existing society?

wits said...

In an elitist, doublespeak, and top heavy society, rules are made only for the common masses.

Tun M has a say certainly as to whether he wants visitors but surely not her parents.


Anonymous said...

LKS blogs a good take on this matter:

There's expectedly more than meets the eye.