Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lulu Hopes This 5th Year Of Badawi-ism is The Last Year Of Badawi-ism For All Malaysians

Tony Pua received a call late last night telling him that 4 lawyers who were trying to lodge a police report in a police station in Shah Alam were instead arrested.

You would also have read the news of police officers with automatic rifles charging at a 100 year old Hindu temple and its devotees to demolish the building. Many were injured as a result and one victim is apparently in a coma. Some 14 persons were arrested including a 15 year old boy.
Late last evening, 4 lawyers - P Uthayakumar, M Manoharan, V Ganabathy and Vethamoorthy went to Shah Alam police station to lodge a police report over the above incident.
Unbelievably, based on witness statements, they were denied entry into the police station at the gates. Shouting began and a small fracas soon followed with one of the lawyers pushed to the ground.
Finally, the lawyers were allowed in to lodge their report over the afternoon temple demolition incident.
However shockingly, the Deputy OCPD then appeared and had the four lawyers handcuffed and arrested!
It gets worse. Read it at

Some background to what happened.
Earlier, several hundred police personnel and local council authorities clashed with the residents who sought to stop the demolition of the 100-year temple in Padang Jawa. Workers from the Shah Alam City Hall had demolished the village’s Sri Maha Mariaman temple without a valid court order, said Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) in a statement today.

What a wonderful way to mark the end of the fourth year under Badawi's rule. Almost every type of lawlessness and arrogance is evident in these events.
Lawlessness reigns - there was no paperwork to demolish the temple
Lawlessnees reigns - automatic rifles were dispatched
Lawlessness reigns - the public are not allowed entry into the police station
Lawlessness reigns - a 15 year old boy was detained and his parents were not allowed to see him
Lawlessness reigns - lawyers attempting to lodge a police report and instead handcuffed and arrested
Lawlessness reigns - those detained were refused their constitutional right to legal representation
Lawlessness reigns in those who have been given the charge to uphold the law.
and I'm not even going to start about why the sudden interest in the land where the temple sits, has the ownership of the land changed from the state to a business entity, the brokers and why council workers are doing the demolition work and how come the already so stretched police force is being used.

Yesterday marked the end of the 4th year of Badawi-ism.
Yeterday also saw Malaysians grieving over their 100 year old temple destroyed, families waiting anxiously outside the police station and people lay injured in the hospital
I hope it was a Happy 4 Year reign for him.
We enter the 5th year of Badawi-ism today.
I also hope it's his last.

Letter of appeal from Hindraf to the PM and other parties here
Malaysiakini update here


carboncopy said...

Enough is enough!

BN must go, together with all its cronies.

When BN goes, there must be a special court to trial all atrocities of the BN regime.

I am even more angry at people who are apathetic.

denzook said...

see, another lie spread by blogger. how come this not appear in the star and nst ? must be lie lie lie .....

there's another news that quote constitution is not the highest law. makes sense. it takes 92% mps who cannot say no to simply vote a law allows police arrests lawyers bersubahat with opposition and that'll become legal.

hail abdullah badawi !!

next election will see 93 % majority constituent in parliament in putrajaya...

i suggest to have next ringgit notes to have his face to remember his greatness....

Anonymous said...

What are their mindset?
With riffles to a Temple?
With handcuff to limbo?

Temple is where the soul
to be sowed
and not be sold
even with Gold!

What is meant by 100 years?
Do they have an ear to hear
what had been yelled
their Rights not to be held?

and not Riffles under any lord.
Who are this lord
to knock down the law?
Without Laws
they are outlaws!

So should Nazi come and comment?
or again, Just a man!!
So, no more comment?

Anak Merdeka said...

What's with the paranoia twds Hindu temples all over the country that they had to destroy them piece by piece?

And these ppl continue to vote for BN! Itulah ...

Anonymous said...

read the STAR paper. it has a different account.
That Mokhtar fella even has the cheek to say a big thank you to the squatters for being cooperative. if not for the blogs and malaysiakini, readers will think its hunky dory in this squatter cleansing exercise.
cops against cops. aca, cops with AG against cops to protect an alleged kingpin with a chequered history, deputy minister, cops against cops..the PM is still sleeping and everything is alrite when law and order is breaking down. fiddling while rome burns, no?

lucia said...

this is terrible! terrible! what a bunch of %!%*!)^%$! fools they are - police, gomen - BN!! yes, say NO to BN!!

zewt said...

Wat the ... F !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad but true, people gets the government they deserve - as long as (even though shabby)election exist. Forgetfulness and ignorance are not excuses.


Anonymous said...

Why is China and India still doing business with Malaysia when their overseas chinese and overseas indians are being discriminated there?

Anonymous said...

lawyer acting on behalf of the CCID chief was done in for one night by the ACA! Can you beat that for going to jail in the call of yoru professional duty. Goodness, looks like being a lawyer is no fun these days.