Monday, October 29, 2007

Lulu Hopes It Doesn't Trickle Like This

The newsreader was announcing over the radio about the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) launch this morning.
The master plan involves 227 projects in infrastructure, tourism, education, manufacturing, the oil and gas sector and agriculture, and is expected to create 560,000 jobs and attract RM112bil worth of investments over the next 12 years.
The mission of the ECER is to move the economy up the value chain, raise capacity for knowledge and innovation, address persistent socio-economic inequalities, improve the standard and quality of life and strengthen the institutional and implementation capacity.

What got Lulu's attention was that the newsreader also said that the KLSE was expected to rally today, as the market rallied during the launch of the Iskandar Development Region covering southern Johor, and the Northern Corridor Economic Region covering Perlis, Kedah, Penang and northern Perak.
erhm... for Lulu, this sounds more like a construction / real estate project, rather that one with the noble intentions stated in the mission of the ECER (see para above).

Then Lulu saw this little headliner in Malaysiakini.

Lulu hopes that it will not trickle in this manner
Lulu hopes that she is wrong.
Lulu wants to be wrong.
Lulu hopes that PM will be faithful to his Islam Hadhari principles and not allow this kind of nonsense to happen.
Lulu hopes that the ACA, which seems so clued in and powerful nowadays, would have its ears glued to the ground, and their eyes monitoring the money trail of the suspisious few.


mob1900 said...

Bodohwi throws numbers like it falls from the sky, with billions and billions of billions billions. Yet, all it costs the rakyat was a few press conference launching these sham 'corridors'.

Your trickling-effect will not happen, Lulu 'coz there was no money to 'trickle' in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Bodohland's leaders spew platitudes and hollow promises because at the end of the day they won't be held accountable or deeds remembered(thanks to the enabling MSM!).

It's like the ways of the United Nation where no accountability is finally perfectly alright and, in fact, the norm.


Anonymous said...

1. 227 Projects with investment of 112Billion in 12 years might not be a fairy tale if one take a look on what had been done in Penang.

Only the Penang Bridge along already got RM2.7billion!

2. If you take a search there under "NCER"

One can also realize how it can be possible but the many many queries for such a bubble economic with "shell" companies getting loan out of proportion. or goes somewhere.

3. The Trickle-down chart is quite conservative taking the historical events.

4. Questions are:
A. How many "shell" companies will be involved to Boost up the loan which might not be accountable to AG? When MF is holding some 10 companies not reporting to AG
B. How big the inflation be, so how big is the Bubbles?
C. How many of these project are practical? Or will become rotten apples?
D. If the loan came from domestic, who will get hurt when they go burst?
E. Or, how will Malaysia stand if the loan came from abroad to be under some sort of semi-official corporations?
F. How much of the investment is on account of land? So, in reality, how much in cash term will be that 112billions.
H. are there other priority which should give direct benefit to the public than "employment"?
I. How many will help the sustainability of the economic. Or, just for the sake of having?

The Figures are great, but, historically, people cannot avoid the queries!!

Anonymous said...

IF for an annual budget, 8.1billion difference can be easily arranged,

112 billion over 12 years will not be a hard job from the Government, just to squeeze the inflated part of the annual budget over the 12 years when each is accounted for more than 200billion a years.

But, with well-known inflated budget by government own projects and the messy accountability, transparency on those GLV (Government Linked Company), will FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) flush in?

Has the Government cleaned up the MIST for FDI to come in?
Or, what sort of credibility the Government have to attract FDI?
Anything been done to cut the cost to make Malaysia more competitive than others? Or, it has turned MM2H the other way round?

The economical crisis are budding if Government is ignoring an overall economical policy for sustainability with the lack of accountability and transparency.

Anonymous said...

badawi very successful in using all the corridor just to mislead those simple kampung folks...

but hope those bn dogs in mca will not make themselves look like scumbags to hoodwinked the chinese using these corridor things as well...

but if the don't, worse for them as that racist hishamuddin will still use his keris to cut their b*lls off.