Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lulu Hi5 Dean For Giving Her Something To Dream About

Dean John's in his latest Malaysiakini column, ‘Glorious’ Malaysia, writes of this thing called StAR.

Because the best idea I’ve heard of for a very long time is an initiative by the UN and the World Bank called Stolen Asset Recovery, or StAR, to help developing nations to recover the proceeds of theft by corrupt leaders. Assets so far targeted for recovery include those stolen by Muhamed Suharto of Indonesia (estimated at between US$15-35 billion), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines, $5-10 billion), Mobuto Sese Seko (Zaire, $5 billion), Slobodan Milosevic (Yugoslavia, $1 billion), Jean-Claude Duvalier (Haiti, $0.3-0.8 billion), Alberto Fujimori (Peru, $0.6 billion), Pavio Lazarenko (Ukraine, $0.114-0.2 billion), Arnoldo Aleman (Nicaragua, $0.1 billion) and Joseph Estrada (Philippines, $0.07-0.08 billion).
Lulu googled it, and learnt quite a bit.

Their mission statement
By signaling to corrupt leaders that there will be no safe haven for stolen assets, StAR would constitute a formidable deterrent to corruption in developing countries. StAR would also serve to bring in the other side of the corruption equation, as stolen assets tend to be stashed in developed country financial centers.

In their executive summary
The theft of public assets from developing countries is a huge and serious problem:
• The cross-border flow of the global proceeds from criminal activities, corruption, and tax evasion is estimated at between $1 trillion and $1.6 trillion per year.
Corrupt money associated with bribes received by public officials from developing and transition countries is estimated at $20 billion to $40 billion per year—a figure equivalent to 20 to 40 percent of flows of official development assistance (ODA

The underlined bits sounds familiar, right? Makes Lulu wonder what M'sia's percentage is.
If using the "don't need to tell the rakyat the truth" AG report, it could me as much as 11400% more [remember the RM50 car jacks which were contracted for RM5,741?
Someone recently bisik-ed to Lulu's ear that a government contract which was costed by the supplier at RM9million was tendered and approved even though the middleman submitted it at RM18million. No prizes for guessing who pocketed the RM9million [and more]. Kinda makes you miss the 10% days of the old regime.

The cost estimates suggest that every $100 million restituted to a developing country could fund:
• 3.3–10 million insecticide-treated bednets, which are twice as effective as regular bednets; or
• First-line treatment for over 600,000 people for one year for HIV/AIDS; or
• 50–100 million ACT treatments for malaria; or
• Full immunizations for 4 million children; or
• Approximately 250,000 water connections for households; or
• 240 kilometers of two-lane paved road.

Gosh... we could even send another spaceflight participant up to the moon!

Dean reminds Lulu at the end of the article that
As I understand the StAR system, proceedings can at this stage be instigated only by the current government of plundered countries. So unless and until Malaysia achieves a change of ruling regime, we’re unlikely to see a BN leader on the StAR hit-list.

well... some gals dream about diamonds, Lulu dreams about StAR...

Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative: Challenges, Opportunities, and Action Plan can be found here


Anonymous said...

Don't you know that the BN gomen also works on the StAR system: Stolen Asset Retention.

Proven very successful working glove-in-hand with the NEP system.

Good case studies: Jobless grads can afford to own banks. Railroad workers build Disney castles.

Anonymous said...

so want those parasites pay back whats belong to the country...

vote for another regime and get them to take every nickels & dimes from this bodowi regime

Anonymous said...

over their dead bodies. they aint going to give ropes to you to hang them, do they?
there's a joke about how corrupted are the cabinet members and their cronies. In China, if the officials are caught with their hands in the till big time, their bodies will be full of holes from a firing squad. In Malaysia, if they follow suit, there will be no cabinet members left. Over exaggeration? may be, a couple left from the Gerakan party. not that they are exemplary but i guess their chances were limited.

Anonymous said...

Steal means quietly with some technique of hiding. However, in my opinion, quite a lot are done Publicly and Efficiently with a group or a gang of people as well as a large group of so called Red Herrings.
These Red Herrings which can be found participating in some web forum even, such as one regarding a "fascinated" private title on a public park which could cost nowaday at least 800million.
Other are even done by the help of legislation to siphon asset or revenue, such as those concessionaires - water, toll, etc...

They should be called RAPE = Robbed Asset Publicly and Efficiently!