Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lulu Has Bad News For You - Not Only is Ali Rustam Spot On ABout PPP

“PPP can leave BN,” said Mohd Ali.
He then pointed at the stunned delegates and added: “All of you can leave. Either today or tomorrow. Why wait until the general election? What’s there to wait for?”
Malaysiakini Ali Rustam: PPP can leave BN - now

These are the results of the 2004 GE by component party taken from Wikipedia

What Ali Rustam said to PPP, he could also say that about any component party in BN. Without MCA/MIC/Gerakan, UMNO will still have the 2/3 majority required in Parliament.
And not just any single component party, he could address it to anyone who tries to gang up and threaten UMNO collectively.

They dont need anyone.
This is how big and powerful the UMNO monster is.

RPK has this to say about Ali Rustam
Ali Rustam seems to feel that Umno ruled Malaysia for 50 years without any help or support from the non-Malays and they can continue to do so another 50 years without any problems. Of late Ali Rustam has been demonstrating his contempt for the non-Malays. His move to kill the pigs in Melaka and drive the Chinese pig farmers out of business is one case in point. He boasted to all and sundry that he wants to show the Chinese that he is the boss, something his predecessors were not able to and did not dare do. The pig farmers and their family and friends command a lot of votes and it is better that the government leaves them alone. All the Chief Ministers before this adopted this policy but Ali Rustam wanted to show them that he decides and he calls the shots. And this is what he told the PPP convention that 15 October, “I decide.”
and a lot more. Read it here


Anonymous said...

Good Idea BN,
There are too many mouths to feed and this is the best way to get rid of some of them. really good thinking. Malaysia Boleh... Who will be next ? correct!correct!correct

kittykat46 said...

Ali Rustam is an UMNO VP, but not exactly a shining star in the organisation.
Some of the hatchet jobs he has been doing are part of his personal marketing effort.

Yeah, PPP should just wind up and let their members decide which other party they should go to. Kayveas is basically like a court jester right now, but he loves his Deputy Minister perks too much to give it up.

denzook said...

that's quite incorrrect.they still need gerakan coz gerakan has penang. so they can rid mic, the indians will bn anyway without mic. they rid mca coz the chinese will vote opposition with/without mca so mca is liability in seat allocation. so they afford to kick mca+mic and small fry parties. but no gerakan coz gerakan control penang. the umno goons can send malays to infiltrate since gerakan is multi racial. slowly gerakan becomes part of umno - kick koh tsu koon, etc out. end of story.....

Anonymous said...

Why the majority under BN is horrible?
Will thing change if BN not exist any more?
NO, NO, NO!!

If those voting have a heart for fairness to elect a a fair candidate to work for the general public, there should be fair candidates to run the parties and do good to the general public.

If those been voted having a fairness in their heart should improve the general situation. Or, at least have a sense of guilt if something go wrong, the situation cannot be so worse!

There are a lot of rotten apples after 2-3 or even four elections. How people select the candidate is a good question?
What are the priorities for electing the Candidate should be well educated!
Should ethic and performance to take care for the overall be considered?
Or, because of racial or religious, or party preference?

Fruit are to be planted with CARES!!
CAUSE & EFFECT ARE together!

I read
where a lawyer is complaining that

“Lawyers are only appreciated when people's liberty or property is threatened or taken away!” he sighs.

With 3 ACTs here in the housing
instead of one ACT in Sinapore and a lot of confusions and loopholes
Should people appreciate?

How many lawyers had uttered a word on Concessionaires or help to write and push through the legislation to help the siphon of public asset or fund? Did any committee in the BAR responded accordingly?

As a victim of the legal system, I will sigh as:
"Why so many lawyers don't appreciate the engagement of their clients to work ethically even towards the minimum industrial requirement?"

If a senior lawyer been brave enough to sue the Judge but cannot even deliver a piece of job after almost 8 months and miss at least 2 mention dates without updating, replying or advising the client and got substantial advanced payment!!Who should be appreciated? The BAR said they can do nothing!!

Parties are not too less but only Good People like uncle Lim is too few and sorry to say too few sensible voters!! Take those responsible and not by the skin or religion!!

Even when Law should be by Right or Wrong and not by number and it needs 2000 to say it and a long way to clear it!


Pearls said...

Aiyah.. this is politics lo...

But I must say that Ali Rustam behaviour mimic someone who has no parents... No manners!! Anyway, that is the trademark of all UMNO leaders right? Parentless!

As for PPP, well, to be told in the face in such manner, I think to stay on with the coalition is meaningless. Got guts, walk out!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Pearl, they only have face skin thicker than an Abram tank's frontal armour and its an old tale with ALL the BN's subservient component parties, all pretending to be relevant and effective for their own elites' self-serving sake.