Friday, October 26, 2007

Lulu Dunno If It Is The Star, The ACA or Anwar Who's Playing Games

regarding ACA's no-show yesterday, according Malaysiakini,
“I failed to understand (this). It could be that the ACA officers are forced to refer to the top if I do give all the evidence and (have to decide) what (they will) do next,” he said.
He disclosed that the ACA officers had phoned him at 11am to say they were on their way to his office in Petaling Jaya. Ten minutes later, they called to cancel the appointment. “They said they were instructed to cancel the meeting until further notice,” he said, quoting ACA special task branch head Sazali Salbi, who had led the investigation team in questioning Anwar for the second time on Monday.
Sazali, when contacted, said he has been directed not to issue any statement to the media. ACA director-general Ahmad Said Hamdan could not be reached for immediate comment.
The Star, however, reports that
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has yet to hand over to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) the original video clip purportedly showing a lawyer brokering the appointment of judges.
This is despite a commitment the Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto head gave to the ACA on Tuesday to hand over a “genuine and proper copy” of the video clip on Thursday.
ACA had earlier issued an order to Anwar to hand over the 14-minute clip to assist in investigations.
The agency stated that Anwar had called its officer, asking him to collect the video clip from him.
“Under the order, it is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s responsibility to come and hand over the video clip at the ACA headquarters in Putrajaya,” the agency said in a statement.
The agency said the clip Anwar wanted to hand over was only a copy of the original in a thumb drive (eight-minute long) and not the original clip as ordered.
“Datuk Seri Anwar has failed to hand over the original video clip. Failure to do so is an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act, punishable under Section 58 of the Act with a fine not more than RM10,000 or jail up to two years or both,” it said.
You also have to bear in mind that Anwar suddenly disclosed that he was prepared to hand over to the ACA the full 14minute version in spite of earlier assurances and confirmations by his aide that all the officers would get from him was the eight-minute version, in order to protect the identity of the two unnamed sources who recorded the footage in 2002.

Between the three of them, Lulu's not sure who's acting and who's not.
The only one Lulu's sure is not acting is the main character in the video clip.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the confusion starts with the ACA demanding the "original" tape. What tape? A digi recording is downloadable into various media like CD or Thumb Drive, for example. One isn't dealing with celluloid film or magnetic tape. So what's "original"? Perhaps simply archaic ignorance?


denzook said...

maybe not. the lawyer for sure awared that he's being filmed, and seems deliberately very very talkative over the phone. for a bigshot lawyer like him he should know that such conversation should be private with no 3rd or 4th person around (unless the camera is remote or bluetooth control). but he went hentam all information that implying the listener at the other end tak tau apa apa perkembangan.

another thought is maybe dsai hired an look-alike to impersonate to spit everything over the phone, knowing that this event actually takes place!

Anonymous said...

Politics and Laws are often a great confusion here so many a time it is a blend whichever is to their advantages. So, there is how and why confusions have been residing for many many years or at least for the past 20 years!!

If Anwar having Sivarasa and Sim (?) to start with the Tape and they cannot be insistent with Law, they already fail half-way as Politics carried no fame after many many politicians failed to stick to rules and regulations - the Law.

So, the matter will be handled more politically and so any suggestion to base on Law to call for any protection or RCI will be down the drain!

Also Sivarasa has to step out as Lawyer and can only be taken as a Politician. Then, what weight does he has? Then, fall the BAR as well and where should others supporter go?

I wonder if this is a personal decision or a group decision. TAKE IT CAREFULLY, IF ANYONE WANT TO CONTINUE AS A "GROUP ACTION". Same
to BAR!! Where is their EGM? Post the Agenda and get it done by e-mail if nothing can be rushed physically!

A GROUP CAN MAKE A HERO and hard to have a Hero to make a Group in this society!!

Anonymous said...

It is a BN political charade assisted by a full supporting cast of BN slavishly loyal agencies which includes the ACA, the A. Generals Chambers and other supposedly Public Servants.
The tape is evidently true, however it needs to be discredited as being edited, or whatever, and therefore ruled as inadmissible as evidence. I think that DSAI has thought it all out, he is not a fool. He has said he will deliver the complte tape when the time is right and not before, so let us wait for that moment.

Anonymous said...

The recording rather than a "tape" goes into the memory card storage of a digi-cam from which it is transfered into a media for storage It not as if even the memory card itself makes any difference in the authenticating process, no?

The ACA is reportedly chanting, original "tape, tape, tape" in the media - which is itself erroneously termed. But they seem to love mouthing imprecise terminology as if we're all so dumb as not to tell the technical difference.

While the visual(if we entertain a conspiracy theory) may be done by a Lingam look-a-like, the audio can be ascertained easily by hi-tech which isn't new. The recording was cut, i.e., truncated, it was not exactly edited(no introduced pasting of non-original portions, or shuffling of parts, i.e).

Anwar must necessarily stick to his basic demand of a RCI despite all threats or his credibility will be blown forever...despite his understandable fear of returning to the cooler again and perhaps missing out on the next election.


Anonymous said...

Tape shows a Tragedy
Lawyers lack the strategy
Admins forgot the dignity
so come the Comedies
and bigger Tragedies!

Tragedy of lawyer mingled with judges
Comedy with panel of questionable judges
coming without powers
talking of justice with the whistle-blowers
not the doers.

Comedy to talk not the content of the tape
but the tape
and witness to come for a day
so lawyers busy finding protection to stay
unfortunately nothing in place
to avoid possible misplace.

Comedy and Tragedy as the can of worm grows
not only the judiciary
but also the ministry
for procedures seem to be mystery.

ACA, Police, DB, aren't they be in the business
to take the lawyer in?
To tell what the tape means
why the tape should be be the only means?

The lawyers talking the legal means
if politician thinks of other means
at the end
what will it mean?

should we see who are in the Tragedy?
or WHO will be in the Comedy?

Anonymous said...

AI is not such a fool as to fake the recording or edit it. Truncating is not editing. The opposite side is desperately spinning it with deliberately misleading technical terminology.


Anonymous said...

Many have voiced the same BS about the "tape" red herring. Here Digitalized Man has it in fuller detail:
Talking rot was the laying the foundation for a planned scam dismissal of evidence, now shown by their given statement on the matter.


Pearls said...

This is politics my dear... These ppl are veteran in this game and it is interesting to see who will come out the winner... Hehehe...

That's why dont believe everything a politician say....

Anonymous said...

NEVER believe ANYTHING a politician says without examining the logic or lack of it in their words.

It's the weak-minded and ignorant voters who brought them to power. The majority is not necessarily right. Rogues and scoundrels will certainly promote such common and trite fallacies.