Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lulu Didn't Know That They Were Getting Paid RM250/Monkey Exported For Research

Malaysiakini reports that
“We have information that the decision to export the monkey when Musa Nordin was still the DG. We have information that there is connection with the company. He has close contacts with the Department of Wildlife. Clearly there was some hanky panky going on there with elements of corruption,” he said.
According to Roar, each exported monkey brings in RM250. The macaques are exported, mostly to China, for animal testing and vivisection.
Roar alleged that the export contract of over 20,000 monkeys annually was given by the Environment Ministry to a company, Sunny K-9 Sdn Bhd. A check revealed that the company, based in Ipoh, is a dog-training academy.

The wildlife conservation group wants the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to look into alleged business dealings involving a minister and a former director-general where wild monkeys are being exported for profit.

Why can't our government servants live a life of integrity and retire with dignity?
Why do they want to continue in these corrupt ways?


Anonymous said...

"Why do they want to continue in these corrupt ways?"

Yep, and speak so much about culture(and towering race)?


Anonymous said...

This is the company.
Sunny K9 Sdn. Bhd. (120323-W )

Business Address :

P.O. Box 598,
31407 Taman Ipoh,


P.O.Box 11,
86007 Kluang,

Telephone No. :

016 508 0078
016 534 4410
016-756 4530

E-mail :
Website :

Pearls said...

Hahaha.. because these ministers, director-generals, political secretaries, etc are like what it is being exported!!... MONKEYS!

Sigh.. Ms Lulu, if these buggers know what is integrity and dignity, I believe you wont be writing about them and I wont be thinking of ways to evade paying tax which in return goes to pay their salaries!! Hahaha...