Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lulu Actually Read Through The Whole Interview

and with this "see no evil" [can't say the same about the other 2 actions] attitude, we really, really have to pray for this beloved nation of ours.

Can you imagine a sailor, retuning to his home after a year at sea. At the port, the harbour master tells him, "Your wife was unfaithful to you in your absence"
The sailor say, "Unless you bring the culprit to me, I won't believe you"
As he gets onto the taxi, the taxi driver tells him, "Your wife was unfaithful to you in your absence"
The sailor say, "Unless you bring the culprit to me, I won't believe you"
When he gets home, the housemaid tells him, "Your wife was unfaithful to you in your absence"
The sailor say, "Unless you bring the culprit to me, I won't believe you"
Finally, the sailor is greeted by his wife.
His heavily pregnant wife.
And he tells her, "Hey wifey, on my way home, three of the townfolk told me that you're having an affair. Nah... I don't believe them. They're just trying to discredit you. Just Three out of the five hundred residents in town. WHat is that?"
"And, if that was true, they would bring out the men whom you have been having an affair with, right?"
"Until then, it’s just mere chit-chat in the coffeeshop. That’s all."


denzook said...

if you dont add "His heavily pregnant wife." he's a wonderful husband (extinct?) dont you think ? maybe you should omit the line "pregnant wife" and put this situation to the cj, there's no concrete evidence that whether the lingam or cj is genuine.

Anonymous said...

Caught in the frozen moment by a camera,his gesture might as well be one describing how his upstairs clout alone will screw 'em all!

Knowing him this well, he can only imagine that his argument will be actually read and convincing.


Anonymous said...

A very typical type of high-rank "official" in town who
1. Apparently do not know what kind of job he is taking.
2. And so, knowing not the sort of consequences by the way he is answering or acting. (So Responsibility become Responding City - just for the sake of Responding!).

May be Diplomatic only applies to Diplomat!
Or, Minister in the Depart is taken as Minister to PM! (second to ONE!)

A Private Servant under the payroll of Public Servant!

Anonymous said...

Are these HIS Logic?

A thousand or two is minority
The MP of hundred is majority
Executive needs no publicity
as he is only a privacy
towards the ministry

Why should it be a crisis
when whistle-blower doesn't met their cries
to present the extra minutes
to realize the genuines
even to pay prices
to raise fair comments to judges!

The Rakyats want an investigation
so a powerless panel for some "action"
why protection
and no submission?

The Government can protect
even without an Act
So why need the Act!
Anyway the Parliament will Act
but a long queue to react
before it could be an Act!

Bloggers are lousy
and they are noisy
a product of technology
Why judiciary or ministry
and not chit-chat in privacy.

A law minister is administrative
no interference with the judiciary
even there should be negative.
Knowing not the future of the judges
as they are in PM's nuts.

The Executive and the judges are human
so should be consulted
without a shout
even in a walk like a scout
by the lawyers without consult!
But people under ISA can be insulted!

Anonymous said...

and bn/aca/3man panel has already deduced that...

that lingam in the video is no hotshot lawyer but a two-bit actor from tamil naidu hired by anwar to discredit the country and agong...

this is what badawi & nazri will relay to the agong & have the cj tenure extended.

- above part of a chit-chat of some apeks in a coffeeshop

Anonymous said...

Visit Patrick Teoh's expert interpretation of that buffoon's sign language: