Friday, October 05, 2007

Is OKT Asking Lulu To Vote MCA In?

did you see this Ong: Don’t divide support in the Star today?

As the Chinese population in the country is now about 25%, the community should not further divide their support between MCA and the Opposition, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

erhh... and duh....
He mentions history, what MCA did since Merdeka.
Did you know that MCA has only 4 Ministers in the cabinet? Can anyone tell Lulu how many were there when we Merdeka-ed? Lulu's sure that in that 1957 non-superinflated Cabinet, there were more than 4 MCA ministers.
and instead of being a partner to UMNO, you're now no better than a running dog.
Sad insn't it, your Federal Ministers couldn't even stand up against some little mullah who had sent out instructions on racial ratios to at least 3 MNCs. Instead, they chose to hide behind "cabinet discussions".
Your State Assemblymen in Kinrara and Subang also could not handle the mullahs who told the Royal Circus that they could not provide "entertainment" to Malaysians in the fasting month.

By giving their full support to MCA, the Chinese would give the party more effective representation in the ruling coalition, he said.
Lulu don't know whether to laugh at statement or cry for the man who said it.

“Otherwise, all MCA's efforts over the years would go down the drain,”
Lulu's not sure what MCA's efforts are in these past 10-15 years, but Lulu would think that it has gone into someone's pocket.

So, it's up to you guys who you want to vote for in the next elections.
You don't owe OKT or any of the other MCA fellas anything. They want your vote? They'll have to earn it. Please spend the balance of your months as an MP and SA well.


denzook said...

yes, we should vote mca to avoid further divide in chinese community. imagine like in old 1969 where the razak threaten to throw all mca ministers out. sure you don't want that to happen in the coalition if mca under perform ....

mca did some good things - like unitar, megotiate with along, playing cupid, .... being 50 yrs merdeka, is a bit odd to see ourselves based on race rather than as malaysian (some will put religion top as the phrase agama, bangsa dan negara). but he made a point that if there's none mca in the cabinet or gov, the chinese for sure 100% politically lose out and don't expect the majority cum bumiputera will treat the minorities nicely....

Anonymous said...

OKT chants the same old signature mantra from the wrong os.


Pearls said...

OKT (Hmmm.. isnt this a very vulgar term? Ish!) tengah panic kot! Must be la... the signs are all over the place already and it doesn't look 1 damn bit good for OKT and his little kingdom! A Very very sorry sight indeed. Sigh... how ah?

I think it is not too late for OKT to do something to gain votes but the major issue here is whether OKT wants to make that drastic change to gain votes or not? Sigh.. how ah??

Anonymous said...

Yes, please join MCA! We need suckers like you to boost the number game. Wanita MCA is a great women movement led by a great leader like Dr Ng Yen Yen. She is a great leader advising husbands to check their husband trousers for semen. She will teach you how to make up so your husband (future) will not flirt around. The MCA ministers are great too as they really take care of their own vested interests. They not have the "teeth" to scold UMNO of misgivings and bullying tactics but they do mumble complaints to each other privately. And OKT also runs to PM too privately to send complaints. What more do you want? Please join the MCA, as crocs are a dying breed!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chinese community should not further divide their support between MCA and the Opposition-- it must vote for the opposition en bloc and as a farewell gift to the MCA for 50 years of umno ball-carrying, make sure that all the MCA candidates lose their deposits in the polls

Anonymous said...


OKT is also asking all single girls to "produce" more potential MCA young members. If not, the "stupid" sorry, "cupid" club will help you out to find a partner for you. MCA needs a "factory" like you to produce more MCA members. Who knows your children can be party president, yes, have two sons and a girl. One of the sons can be president, the other a party youth leader and your daughter, wanita chairman. Sounds good, eh! Go for it. After all OKT has a brother in the party too, as secretary general. He can do it, You too.


Anonymous said...

what de problem with dis guy, pls tell him to peddle his wares somewhere else...

after 50 yrs, enuf is enuf, coming ge the chinese will make Dam* sure to kick this bunch of gangsters back to their hell hole.

Anonymous said...

"...go down the drain"

The EmSeeErh is so deeply buried in the sewage pond that even our glorious Endah Water Treatment experts couldn't clean them out . . . muahahahaha

Anonymous said...

unite under mca so that they can be a stronger lapdog and to give more legitimacy for the other main partner to promote further discriminatory policies. and also be a real partner together to plunder the nation's resources via more Port Klang Free Zone of E-Kesihatan projects?
get real, is this political organisation fighting for a better malaysia or just a stepping stone for the politicians to get into power and the largesse that comes along? my inner sense tells me its the latter.

Anonymous said...

Voting on basic of PARTY/RACE is a WRONG guidance, especially of from some "TOP" officials.

If some Chinese officials are doing wrong, being a Chinese will feel disgraced. Having any official who abuse the Rights or breach of Duty leading to public losses with Intention and no Regret already made Malaysian feel depressed if not ashame of being a Malaysian.

Ones should asked for endorsement because Ones performed and not because of Ancestor!!

OKT should name someone who worth to be voted in MCA and not because for MCA that Chinese have to vote!!

OKT should at least be aware what could mean by "humiliation"!

Anonymous said...

The MCA(spit!) is an entrenched part of the problem. It's an old superstition to say that it has an indispensable role to play. For that purported purpose, it gave up the ghost decades ago in the interest of the elites.

The end of the Earth will not come about if the UN gets dismantled either. That idea of indispensability is also another contemporary superstition kept alive via unexamined fear.

Stumbling blocks kept alive by habit.


Anonymous said...

Besides there's that MCA Mafioso system that fixes the non-MCA side in the event of even minor squabbles within the community.


Anonymous said...

OKT's brother didn't show much sportingness when he lost to that great DAP gal in Batu Gajah either.

If only OKT hadn't been in politics, he could have found a likely vocation in acting - in those HK gangster flicks like the "Shanghai" sorts etc. He has the suitable looks for the role.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15 AM : 'OKT should at least be aware what could mean by "humiliation"!'

But since the MCA has no real and proper sense of shame, it is actually amoral and completely "thiew kar". A clear cut case of having no self-respect. No need to be a profound student of Confucius morality or a rocket scientist to perceive.


Hamzah said...

mca did some good things - like unitar, megotiate with along, playing cupid??

these are responsibilities of NGOs NOT MCA

MCA should act like a national party with national agenda instead of UMNO coolie!

Anonymous said...

Instead of addressing the common problems at their roots, it serves the mca's agenda to apply Bandaids in dealing with the Ah Mow and Ah Tow petty traders' problem of licensing, etc., caused by the municipalities.

This crummy treating of the symptoms serves to make it appear that it(the mca) is absolutely indispensable, vital and relevant via its service bureau. I'll bet it is often also selective about that too(members only, despite what it says).