Sunday, October 28, 2007

IGP, Whilst You Are At It, Lulu Suggests You Check The Investigation on the Apollo Market Raid

IGP wants to know if drug raid was authorised
Was it an impromptu or an unauthorised raid? This is the question Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan wants answered after two policemen were shot dead and two others were critically wounded in a drug bust on Thursday.

Lulu thinks you should also check out this one whilst you are at it.
The incident happened at the Apollo market on Sunday, Sept 23rd.
Read it here.
There was a police report lodged, so, Lulu guesses, investigation is in progress?


denzook said...

yeah it is authorized for sure. the plan is to have 4 "undercover" policemen for the raid. 4 undercover without assault rifles but S/W in drug raid that potentially armed. 4 policemen with no reinforcement and backups and appropriate facilities. the commander thinks 4 is sufficient, no need extras coz the rest of police are going to be mobilized for upcoming "perhimpunan" in dataran merdeka.

or maybe the "undercover" identity discovered like movies, or "negotiation" that went wrong that leads to shooting......

Anonymous said...

The IGP wants to know? Shouldn't he be the one who must already know before making any statement. It's the people who wants to know!

Yes, Lulu, the truth may not even be ever known.