Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Any Yet Another of Lulu's Wondering

you know how Lulu wonders about a lot of things?
Now Lulu is wondering about Lingam and the person behind the Lingam tape.

Lingam was caught on video
expressing concerned that the outgoing CJ was moving his ‘men’ into top judiciary posts. The conversation revolved around the urgent need to get Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, then chief judge of Malaya - the judiciary’s No 3 - appointed as Court of Appeal president (No 2) and then chief justice (No 1). There was also the plan to get former attorney-general Mokhtar Abdullah, who was then a Federal Court judge, to replace Ahmad Fairuz as No 3.
History reveals either [take your pick]
a) a really bizarre coincidence
b) Lingam's expertise in foretelling the future
c) no need to say lah huh....

Anwar/PKR who received the originally-14-minute-but-was-cut-to-8-minutes-to-hide-the-identity-of-the-tape-er tape have painsakingly protected his identity for the safety of the whistle blower.
Now everyone - the police, the lawyer, the judge, the ACA, probably even the underworld are looking for him. Kinda like a Canto flick.

Anwar said,
the whistleblowers, who witnessed the conversation taking place, will only come forward if the government can guarantee their safety.
"At the right time, these people will come out. Give them an undertaking today, and in a few days they will come out and Malaysians will know the truth. Their issue is personal safety," Anwar said.
"Attempts to incarcerate the whistleblowers will serve to further exacerbate the public's outrage and will certainly draw the condemnation of the international community that is monitoring developments in this case," he said.
so, Lulu's wondering, if you were Lingam,
Wouldnt you have a short list of suspects already? Whilst you may not remember that conversation exactly and who was there, you know who amongst your circle knows your deepest darkest secret. Wouldn't you flush them out one by one?
Would it not be safer for the tape-er to come out in the open and seek the protection of being in the limelight?

This is another bizarre possibility that has been in Lulu's little mind for a while.
Looks like the whistle blower has also been naughty-naughty as there are concerns of incarceration. What if the tape-er was the lawyer himself? He's gone to "the other side". He's offering to spill the beans in exchange for amnesty. Hence the wayang kulit, the teasing game, the brokering for his safety etc.

Hopefully the person will come forward soon.
And with it comes the domino collapse of the dirty fellas and a cleaning up of our judiciary system.
In a fair world, yes... here in Malaysia, Lulu's not too sure...

the more factual, non-wondering, non bizzare possibilities were sourced from Malaysiakini's SPECIAL REPORT: The Lingam tape


Anonymous said...

It wasn't necessary for the Deep Throats(witnesses) in Watergate to be identified (for 30 years)to get Nixon incriminated. Why is this contrived factor so important in Lingamgate?

It's not necessary even to get the original tape if the copies are clear enough for hi-tech verification. Indeed the original should not simply be surrendered and have an Abu Talib done on it. What LameGame is the ACA and the incredible Panel trying to play?


denzook said...

correct correct correct... must be lingam filming himself. if aca got search warrant, it probably leads to more worms, he probably filmed himself every conversation with big tops as an insurance for uncertain catastrophe.

i've been thinking that the 6 minutes must be opening, like "hi datuk fairuz", "hello datuk fairuz", so confirmed must be fairuz liao .. maybe the first 1 minute should be "let me call this guy, you film me", "testing 1, 2, 3", etc ....

isn't this setup makes life easier, if i'm rich and got a lot money i'm sure hire this lingam to do my case, his case sure boleh menang - so predictable and no worries at all. so must start working hard and get rich. must understand principle of "some are more equal than the other" ....

Anonymous said...


Yes, not forgetting that all these irregular, unethical and crony tactics cum practices are very much the success story of BN governance. That's how the BN strengthens, mind you, not on the full support by the people, for the people but hidden strategic means that seldom hits the public eye. Now that's exposed, Malaysians should know the truth, that the executive arm goes to all length to maintain political power even if it means underhanded means and questionable approaches. Now Malaysians must know: "NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH how BN survived this long.


Anonymous said...


Whilst e.g., the ancient Japanese Code of Bushido has its own serious limitation when seen in modern times, the Code of Bull-Sh*t-Do here is utterly Machiavellian and selfish.

It's conceivable that many M'sian already knows the truth but many are bounded by blind loyalty, denial and fearful superstition.


Anonymous said...

why don't all the Royal Highnesses do something?

like rpk says they are paid to safeguard the interest of the nation...

so they should & must be responsible to protect all their subjects.

Anonymous said...

Look at what the ACA is saying(don't tell us again that it's a misquotation):

"...It will be impossible for us to
determine the authenticity of the allegations without viewing the
original tape,"..."

Oh yeah, they've got Superman's X-Ray vision!

And the spin of equating editing with tampering.

Split images of sample Clip show NO tempering

See Kittykat's comment at :



Anonymous said...

In fact, strictly speaking, terminology wise, the LingamGate we not even 'edited'. Spliting and editing being different things.

It was just splitted as pointed out here: