Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Would Lulu Do?

if you had met up with your boss to ask for a pay rise as
1. the rise you ask for is fair market value
2. your current pay is not enough to meet your expenses
3. there is a spike in demand for your skill set
4. there is also a dearth in the alternative skill set which may have covered for the shortage in your skill set

but your boss turns you down and tells you no without explaining why.

your guess is that
1. he wants to meet his kpi and not increase department expenditure
2. he wants to be a hero at your expense
3. he thinks YOU should do national service and put service ahead of self whilst he goes around in his luxury cars and returns to his very expensive bungalow.

would you leave your company and take your skill set somewhere else where you will be better paid and better rewarded?
what would you do?

The chicken farmers had met with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry to protest against the lower ceiling price of RM5.60 imposed for chicken last week.
This is a reduction from the pre-puasa ceiliing price of RM6.00 and will be effective from will be effective from Sept 13 to Oct 20 for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and from Nov 1 to 15 for Deepavali.

The previous ceiling price of RM6.00 took effect on Oct 1, 2004 and had not been reviewed since in spite of the rise in prices of chicken feed ingredients like soya bean and crude palm oil over the past year. The cost of corn, which constitutes a large part of chicken feed, shot up by 50% over the last six months.
Lulu would also like to add that in that period, the government has allowed the price of petrol, electricity and water[if you stay in Selangor] to go up, up and away, so, don't tell Lulu that the government is helping us keep the price of chicken low because they love us and are prihatin terhadap kehendak rakyat.

Demand for chicken has gone up due to the festive season. It does not help that the Malacca government insist on getting rid of, by any means required, 100,000 pigs in their state, prompting a shortage in supply of a meat alternative.

In a recent "holier than thou" price check in the city led by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal, 47 traders had their goods seized while more than 100 were issued summonses. Most of them were booked on the count of selling chicken above the ceiling price.

And now with Singapore lifting the ban on Selangor poultry products, if you were a poulty breeder, wouldnt you choose to sell your chicken to that little island nation who will pay you fair price, rather than locally in a suppresed, rugi wang market?

Remember how Lulu started by asking you what would you do if you asked your boss for a pay rise with valid reasons? You would take your skill set elsewhere, wouldnt you?
In light of that, don't be so fast to "boo sama poultry farmers" who take their chicken to Singapore to sell.

with regards to sellnig chicken above ceiling prices, Lulu's not advocating that you break the law, but please, the people are crying.
"It's a matter of survival for us"
"No one will want to do a business which makes losses,"
"We cannot possibly survive based on the ceiling price set by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry,"
"Currently, there is a shortage of some 20% chickens in the market,"
"It is difficult as the earnings are not enough to cover costs."

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Yunus said...

We can import low-priced chicken from Thailand and let all Malaysian chicken fly to Singapore. This is a win-win formula: Malaysian consumers get cheap chicken; Malaysian chicken farmers make a good profit. The margin is positive and good for Malaysian export earning.