Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Terengganu police chief SAC I Ayub Yaakob Is Confusing Lulu

one bullets?
four bullets?
does he know the difference?
Lulu thinks someone better give him the worksheet to gauge whether he knows the difference or not.

For all you know, maybe the SAC1 really doesn't know how to count. Once the problem is diagnosed, he'd be able to go for treatment.
[btw, mummies & daddies, the sheet is from There are other free printable worksheets which guides your children on the ABCs and 123s]

Azmi Hussein?
Wan Abdul Aziz?
does he know the difference?
Lulu doesnt have real life photos, and how that the illustration below will help illustrate to you that people do look different.
Could it be one of those strange things in life where they're identical twins separated at birth, hence explaining their look alikeness which led to a mistaken identity? cannot be... one is 24, the other 29.
Or maybe in the battle, their name tags got mixed-up. But cannot be.... , as at least one of them was concious enough to tell the story about how he was protecting women and children.

Is SAC 1 Ayub Yaakob doing the spin or is he getting spinned by someone else?
The incident happened on Saturday. Why did it take him Sunday and Monday to realise his spin was wrong?

And the stories are so twisted and confusing, Lulu's not sure anymore if Konstabel Azmi Hussein is the tokoh berani, A PJK/Datuk-ship Awardee, A Top Cop Material

from Malaysiakini

T'ganu police chief: Constable fired FOUR shots
RK AnandSep 11, 07

The police officer, who discharged his firearm during the clash in Kuala Terengganu over the weekend, had fired a total of four shots. Terengganu police chief SAC I Ayub Yaakob confirmed this when contacted this evening.
He also clarified that the shooter was a 25-year-old general duty police officer and not Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) personnel Azmi Hussein, 29, as reported previously. The police officer, who was said to have opened fire in self-defence after being set upon by an armed mob, was identified as constable Wan Abdul Aziz.
As a result of the incident, two men, Suwandi Abdul Ghani, 37, and Muhamad Azman Aziz, 21, sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and neck respectively.
Both, who have been hospitalised, are reported to be in stable condition. Wan, on the other hand, received several stitches following the attack and is currently on medical leave. He has since filed a police report and the case has been classified as ‘attempted murder’.
The police are also investigating to determine if there was any negligence on the constable’s part.
Meanwhile, Ayub said FRU personnel Azmi is still undergoing treatment for injuries sustained during Saturday’s clash between the police and opposition supporters. Azmi was hurt when the angry crowd pelted police personnel with bottles, stones and other objects. In total, four police officers, including Wan and Azmi, were injured.


carboncopy said...

Its extremely disturbing that a mere police constable can carry firearms in plain clothes. What more discharging it.

Anonymous said...

"And the stories are so twisted and confusing..."

One gets to suspect, over time, that they are designed to be so (with the aid of the zombied MSM)in order to make one yawns and forgets about them - out of disgust.


carboncopy said...

Maybe we need to customise the workheet for Ayub Yaakob.

The customised worksheet should have bullets casing, body bags, protesters, Molotov cocktail, sharp weapons, sticks and stones depicted.