Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lulu's Wondering What's With The IGP

Lulu has no doubt he made the silly statement with such insensitive timing, but Lulu's wondering, was he fed the question?
Did he just get korbankan-ed to be the silly man of the month to distract us from other problems?

like the Port Klang "loan"
the everything naik harga season
What do you think?
don't let the media do a Danae on you!


BeFair said...

like the illegal Klang mansion
like the AP scandal that is still ongoing
like the MRR2 cracking that caused 3 months closure, blamed on God
like the police officers with bad records being promoted
like the Johor guy insisting there should not be a Bangsa Malaysia in case Malays get diluted

like everything else they have tried to make us forget

Anonymous said...

He's trying to do a Madeleine McCann?