Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lulu's Name Is On The Petition

if you go to the page, you'd find my name there, somewhere in the midst of the many thousand names.
is yours there yet?

why does Lulu think you should sign it?
Please take time to read the official petition at

The concerns are all close to my heart.
9) Pilihan raya dipermainkan oleh alat Kerajaan. Pilihan raya kecil mendedahkan penyalahgunaan harta Kerajaan untuk membantu parti politik yang berkuasa. Isu pengundi hantu masih berleluasa sewaktu pilihan raya. Kita perlu memperbaiki sistem pilihan raya yang masih diperalatkan dengan begitu mudah oleh parti memerintah. Rakyat tidak lagi mempunyai tempat untuk mengadu.

is extra special.

Electoral reforms need to be done. Only when the government is elected on level playing field [or at least, close one eye, slightly skewed in their favour] will our nation move in the right direction.

If you are worried that the authorities will persecute you for signing the petition, Lulu says dont worry. With 10,000 [and still growing] names on the list, it's highly unlikely they will pick on you. If you can't get over the worry barrier, put in your surname and your initials.
Worry more for the future of your children if the rot does not stop.
Stand up and be counted


denzook said...

to quote our communication minister lim keng yaik (source hansard 3-oct-2005): "Saya tahu you boleh pergi ambil tandatangan sejuta, saya pun tidak boleh buat apa, Yang Berhormat [Dewan riuh] Sejuta ringgit barangkali bolehlah. [Ketawa] Tetapi sejuta tandatangan, tidak payah, tidak boleh.

even with 1000,000 signed, the government always can brush it off as "rubbish", "fake", or there's still 25 - 1 million support.

Anonymous said...


done. and i am informing my friends to do so for a better Malaysia.