Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lulu's Home

Lulu was recently in Singapore. Whilst Lulu was there, she caught up with some friends from university who have since relocated there.

Some of Lulu's friends asked, "hey, when are you going to move over? join the gang-la"
Lulu smiled.

I guess the Petronas ad echoes Lulu's sentiments very well

Di sini...
Kita dibesarkan
Anak-anak kita dibesarkan
Mengenal diri
Mengenal keturunan
Memupuk keharmonian
Yang berhijrah cuma sementara
Pulangnya penuh gembira
Kerana jiwa kita masih di sini
Di tanah air ini
Ayuh kita bangunkan, peliharakan
Negara yang kita cintai.

This is the country that I love. This is my country. I am here to stay,

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