Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lulu Wasnt There, But They Were

yup, the posts are beginning to pour in from those who were there

Jeff Ooi Bar Council buses barred from entering Putrajaya; Memos submitted, pressing for Royal Commission.
Rocky We Are Marching
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Li Tsin I Marched All 8 Kilomoters of It :)
Weng San Lawyers March - Photos and Videos (he has 5 video clips attached)
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Mahaguru Malaysian Bar Council's Walk For Justice
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Nuraina Walk For Justice
Tony Yew Justice We Want Justice
Raja Petra Lawyers March To The PM's Office
Khoo Kay Peng Walk For Justice
Sivin Kit United For A Demand For Justice
Shar101 I was there

Others who were there but whose blog is not updated yet include
Malik Imtiaz
Tony Pua
Teresa Kok
Chin Tong

and does anyone know if Father OC Lim has a blog? Heard he was there too.

The Malaysian Bar Walk for Justice: "When lawyers walk, something must be very wrong"

Videos are available at Malaysiakini, Malaysiakini & Malaysiakini and [believe it or not] The Star


denzook said...

WHAT! after invited 1000+ lawyers and bloggers, marched 5 km, brazed through rains and risked water cannon and baton from pdrm (lucky the pdrm didn't) and all this is just to submit a memorandum? Why not just use poslaju or fedex ? Why all the publicity ? Why want to cause traffic jam and public curiousity ? Why are these people don't go to work, are they really nothing to do ?

You know our ministers. Is it guaranteed that the minister of law and PM and DPM will read it ? Is it guaranteed the memo won't end up in waste-paper-basket like kj-rice memo ?

maybe zam is right, the bloggers don't have work to do. Another "piece of" news in newspapers...

carboncopy said...

Its the journey that is more important than the destination.

Though for this case, the journey WILL determine the destination.

"This is not the end, this is not the beginning of the end, but maybe perhaps, it is the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." Winston Churchill-wikianswer

ghostline said...

Hey there Lulu, couldn't make it to KL this week, otherwise would've been there too.

Great show of solidarity; let's hope something real comes out of it, and in the meantime we'll be keeping up the pressure.

suanie said...

lmao @ above comment para 1.

i think it's a remarkable thing :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what statement Zam will next make. Expect it to be similar to Ahmadinejab's one at the Columbia University declaring that there are no homosexuals in Iran!


Anonymous said...

Ahmedinejad was not joking...There are no more homosexuals in Iran because the mullahs there had hanged every last one of them.

Rev. Sivin said...

oh .. How did you know I was there? :-) I'll put up something when I finish some work

Anonymous said...

I was caught by four Lousy Lawyers.
One paid and dragged. When complained started a Defamation suit!

The Second did the Defense without bother to rebut the particulars to leave room for the Plaintiff, no strike out or even a counterclaim. When asking for opinion, he took excuses.

The Third "playing in concert" with the Plaintiff to drag without pressing for Suggested Statements of Facts & Issues, dragged with mention dates, suggesting counterclaim after amended Defense. Cannot answered technical questions, and, quit with false accusation and false statement.

The Fourth promised a lot, talk little, act little and finally stop without attending even to court.

When complaining to Bar Council, they simply said nothing can be done!

So, they are the lawyers & the Bar Council that I had experienced!

I believe if all victim are to match, they can never be as many as the match of the Lawyers because the victims have to earn to pay the Lawyers!!

Anonymous said...

Dear legal practitioners and fellow brave citizens of Malaysia, my heart is walking with you to PM’s office (although I’m not able to apply for the leave), walking with every comrade of justice, walking with footprints of revolution, walking by holding up the fists of fairness. Let’s show the government that they try to partially run the country ala Burmese Junta army style, they will face forever strong wrath and justification from the people of Malaysia. Malaysians will never allow such dictatorship, oppression and cronism run this country like nobody’s business. Just because under the name of controlling and restricting extreme freedom, this doesn’t mean the government will have every right to blind our eyes. Because Malaysians will see even better if the government attempt to blind or close our eyes. I hope this walk will bring Malaysia to a better judiciary through peaceful means, but if one day this country need its children of the land (Malaysians) to bleed for fairer justice, equality and better judiciary system. We are always prepare for it!!! The FRU unit, the royal police force, the royal army of malaysia, RELA and may it be the “red head” police unit, your bullets and batons will not be able to shut us down. Your bullets and batons will only enraged more Malaysians for better justice and equality. Because I believe the blood of brothers and sisters in Malaysia will not flow in vain. Eventually, the people power will prevail!!! Not the Ruler of this land, prime minister, ministers, state rulers and officers or any government uniform body, but THE GREAT AND COMMON PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA WILL PREVAIL THE GENUINE TRUTH, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! TETAPI RASUAH DAN KRONISMA JAUH LAGI BOLEH!!!

Anonymous said...

It does not matter that you were not there, Lulu. In Spirit, most of us here support what's righteous - 365 days a year.


Anonymous said...

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous said...
1. Dear legal practitioners and fellow brave citizens of Malaysia,...

2. ...if one day this country need its children of the land (Malaysians) to bleed for fairer justice, equality and better judiciary system. We are always prepare for it!!!....



1. The lawyers are asking to have a saying on choosing Judges.

Fellow citizens would like to see things to have Rules & Regulations and not Manipulation.

So, Lawyers (Not =) Citizens

2. Fairness has to start from every one, but, many take the advantages over the others. The problems with judiciary systems not only because of the appointment but also the ethics of lawyers and judges. If these two cannot practice justice, the "children of the Land" will be in vain. Mentality is the problem for all, not only the Government!!

3. Common Malaysians has no access to the Truth.
The Tape is there because a Politician (and ex-highest ruling officers) had kept it since 2002 and it is out because a Lawyer who is also a politician dare to do it and for more reasons than common Malaysians would realise!

Lawyers should know what is proper procedures and this is ESSENTIAL to stop the Government being Bully. When the 3-man Panel is not Proper as being unacceptable (even by the President of the Bar) and the WALK had let it goes, the Call for Proper Procedures had gone!!

The WALK had demonstrated the Numbers but not Professionalism and Wrong Signals to the Public - the 3-man Panel had been endorsed!!

Do not take illusions with what you saw with what you think or wish!! If Common Citizen walk, you will surely not see the same "reception" !!

One Lawyer speaks well: Their participation is to show that "NOT ALL LAWYERS ARE CORRUPTED".
But how many lawyers are corrupted, or, How many are not with the right ethics and professionalism?

Rev. Sivin said...

Finally I managed to at least put up a pictorial journey

Walk for Justice - A Pictorial Journey

Anonymous said...

JUSTICE is about fairness for all that concerned - the Legal Professions and the Commons.

JUSTICE needs to be based on proper rules and regulations or procedures with transparency, accountability and credibility.

JUSTICE is to be maintained by all parties that have a responsibility to maintain. Police+ACA+BAR+AG....


Anonymous said...

The Minister of Misinformation says:
Zam: Lawyers shouldn't hold street protests


Dun said...

The lawyers did a good job showing the Govt. their (and the gen publics)displeasure over the Lingamgate episode and demanding a Royal commission to be set up. Bravo!

What we will also like to know is what the Bar Council will do to Mr Lingam who is a member of the bar and comes under the purview of the Bar council?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers should take legal proceedings such as their Disciplinary Proceeding and the Police and ACA as the preliminary resources to clarify matter.

The Bar should collect the opinions of their members before doing otherwise via their EGM and seek Authenticity of the Tape, if necessary, at the same time. Explanation from VK is basis and essential and be published to the Public as to show their Duty of being regulator of Lawyers and the efficiency which had been lack out in many of their ordinary complaint proceeding found in the past.

The AG should start also their Disciplinary Proceeding, if any, on those judges. With similar publication of findings.
If a Panel needs to head all these, the Bar Council should comment their criteria,the duty and the rightful procedures - to show their Professionalism.

IF THESE HAD NOT BEEN DONE. THE WALK IS NOT PROFESSIONAL, AND, CANNOT REPRESENT BC IF THE DECLARATION OF "GIVE IT A CHANCE" HAD NOT BE ENDORSED BY THE MEMBERS!! No More than a show of Malaysian Culture of Numbers with the lack of Full indication of what are the Rightfulness and their proper rules and procedures!!

Anonymous said...

According to panel member Datuk Mahadev Shankar: "We have no legal power. We have no power to administer an oath. No power to compel witnesses to come to us. We have no power to commit anybody for contempt.

The above already testified the panel will be operated at the vacuum of Law which should be crystal clear to any legal
practitioner or a judge. The three "powers" are the basis for any legal investigation to be operated. Therefore, it also declared the "waste" of appointing anyone with legal background and a "Stillbirth" of the investigation.

When AG, Police and ACA were there, did that indicate that three other parties be operated at the same vacuum or the Panel are representing these three as well?

Going through a court case of Mahadev Shankar, Emko vs Lee Choong Kheng,
in my opinion, the attitude of not compelling for evidence and not taking the key and fundamental principle can be found there, namely:
1. Development Order between MPPJ and the Developer are fundamental when the S&P was in dispute on facilities and responsibility between Developer and MPPJ. But the Court had not compelled the parties to provide for a clear basis for a fair judgment, letting the freedom of evidence to the witness.
2. The Club and ownership of the Common Area and amenities in the Townhouse determined the amount of Maintenance fee and eligibility of charging. The Club was not there and Emko was not the owner of the land (and so the common area and the amenities) to charge. (When PKNS was the owner of the land).
3. MC should be one for the management to take over the ownership of the Common Area/amenities after it was completed. But, MC had never been established.

Therefore, there was no club to qualify the charge and no ownership for Emko to charge or a MC (to get hold of the Common area/amenities) to charge. So, why the Townhouse had to continue paying the maintenance fee?

The basic for the land to be approved for sub-dividing should
be when the road in the Townhouse were surrendered. Therefore, how can the road be subjected under the maintenance of the Developer when the Townhouse was subdivided?

This case had at least put the Townhouse into continue bullies by MPPJ/MPSJ and the Developer since 1988/89 until today!!


-Should BAR be waiting for the outcome of the Panel before calling an EGM?
-Should it be time for lawyers to press the BAR for the Royal Commission?

Anonymous said...

ACA goes after PKR whistleblowers

Good timing. So, there cannot be an appeal for fairness to the "Panel" if any existing party select to go BIAS, after the Panel said they have no POWER on the five basis criteria for a fair and protective investigation!

Selection of Laws or Regulations can be found long time ago in Court, such as the Emko vs Lee case. Many EMPTY or BIAS stipulations in the Acts. Such as having the STRATA TITLE Board in the air for the last 7-8 years supposing to solve the many many pending Strata Title problem. Yet the Selangor State Government created the Housing Board under no Acts to run the Strata Title matter based with free wills and choice of the Director.

All because those "Legal Advisors" or legal practitioners, Legislators have manipulated JUSTICE in their hand. IF THEY HAD BEEN MONITORED AND STOPPED IN THE EARLY TIME, would anyone including those Big or Small dare to exercise them for the last 19years!!


Too bad and to certain degree it has become part of a Malaysian "Culture" especially in the area with a mix of Administrative and Law with abuses of Rights as Laws had not be promoted to be observed and understood in all levels.

In the normal circumstances, it should be an appeal to the Court. But, will any court granted such a leave!! The "Law" on the book cannot be practiced in the "Court" or the Government as, again, the loss of credibility, transparency and accountability.

THE WALK FOR JUSTICE IS A LONG WALK because quite a number of those who studied or practicing law have not put JUSTICE in their mind for fairness but technicalities or manipulations!!

SENT THE TAPE (8mins or 14mins) to get verified by a foreign competent Institute such as the NFI and other for technical Authenticity.