Monday, September 17, 2007

Lulu Thoughts 1.Why Are The Editors At The Star Getting Careless 2. SS3 repavements

Encik Ahmad Bakri of Petaling Jaya wrote a letter to The Star Metro highlighting the road conditions in his area, particularly road 34, which if his memory serves him correctly, has only been retarred once in this three decades.
All over the letter is SS1, SS1, SS1/34, SS1/34, SS1/34,
why then, Lulu ask, is the letter headlined as
Roads in SS3 need upgrading

as it is, Lulu is gravely concerned about the credibility of the news reported in the Star, now Lulu also wondering if the editors are also getting careless and/or lazy.

and this brings Lulu to her next grouse,

SS3, unlike SS1, has been overblessed with constant road resurfacing. If you are wondering why we're so blessed, it's because the oyster part of the oyster fried meehun stays in SS3.
Now, now, don't be envious. The problem is that the contractors who have been hired take the shortcut instead of doing what they have been contracted to do. When you repave a road, you are supposed to dig out the old road, then pave over that. But these contractors cut corners by laying over the current road.
As a result, a lot of houses in SS3 are now below road level.
But these sial contractors also know how to pretend. If you go to SS3/46, you will not encounter this problem. You will find the houses level with the road. As you all know, the one known as noodle aunty stays in Aman Suria, so, no prizes for guessing who stays there.


Anonymous said...


This is an obvious case of "selective" road improvement perhaps obvious that it is a MCA-BN constituency (also supported by the fact that the STAR only mentioned that road and excluded all others).

The haphazard shoddy job of road repairs are everywhere, not only in PJ areas but also in KL city and residential areas. The workmanship has been getting bad to worse over the years. A newly paved road will be dug or defaced by utility works and roughly patched up. Man-covers areas are higher than the road surface, bumpy and uneven surfaces, small potholes are everywhere especially at proximity of highway projects, damaging cars used by motor vehicle users frequeently driving along the same roads. You can guessed these road contractors are road warlords, simply finishing a shoddy job. And interestingly, before Chinese new year, there are lorries carrying loads of stones and tar, Indian operators wanting to do a small patch at your maingate for RM150 to RM200 per household. Wonder whether these are moonlighting business from JKR employees? Yes, the Klang Valley has the best roads of the moon-surface kind in Malaysia. We need moon-walker vehicles!!


denzook said...

ss3 and aman suria actually quite apart compare ss1 and ss3. yeah, aman suria there's aunt bihun, but ss1 there's veteran "Datuk" Dr.Wong Sai Hou. that bihun not even a datuk. and no respect to tunku since ss1 got an area bears that name.