Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lulu Thought Chan Kong Choy Ask e-Kesihatan to Stop Cheating

When Lulu saw the headline , Lulu though that the 'medical check-up" that he had in Australia knocked some sense into him. Maybe he saw his mortality and realised his accountability, that kinda thing. Wow! So Bold!
Yup! Yup! eKesihatan has to stop cheating!

Please understand, people do support the need to do a check-up on drivers to weed out those who are unfit, have drug or alcohol problems, that kinda thing. We have seen too many unnecessary deaths causing much grief to many families.
But the manner that is planned for implementation leaves much to be desired.

The Wilayah Persekutuan Taxi Owners and Drivers Association, the Kuala Lumpur Taxi Workers Association and the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Radio Taxi Association, which together represent about 3,000 cabbies, slammed the RTD’s eKesihatan scheme for placing yet another financial burden on taxi drivers.
Taxi drivers want to know why they have to pay RM80 for a medical check-up at a panel clinic, when they can get the same examination for RM1 at a government hospital.

The medical fraternity have their questions too.
They question the need of a middle man who adds no value to the chain, but earns RM35 from every test and RM100 for doctor registration
They question the cost, and they have offered alternatives
It's also pathetic that this scheme was cooked up in a short time without consultation.

But sad to say, when Chan Kong Choy was headlined as saying "eKesihatan to stop cheating, says Kong Choy", he meant

KUALA LUMPUR: The new eKesihatan scheme was introduced to plug loopholes in the current system, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said.
He said the system, which would be phased out by the end of this month, had many leakages including chits being falsified.
“A lot of commercial vehicle drivers, including express bus drivers, are unfit to drive and even drug addicts are able to drive due to weaknesses in the current system,” he said.
On the negative reaction from various parties on the scheme, Chan said the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has been asked to hold dialogues and meetings with those involved.
Asked why JPJ wanted the doctors involved in the scheme to register with a private company, Chan said: “I don’t think they are registering the doctors.”
He said what was required was for clinics to become part of the panel.
On the third party company being given the right to operate the new system, Chan said: “I don’t have the details.”
Lulu is disappointed with Chan Kong Choy.
disappointed, disappointed, terribly disappointed.
Lulu is wondering when will Malaysia ever get out of this fake money making schemes.


LC_Teh said...

until they're voted out!!!!

Yatz said...

i guess they dun learn lessons..let's all blog about this money-eating thing for the whole period until the general election XD

Anonymous said...

The veggie kang kong is more useful.


Anonymous said...

e-kesihatan to stop cheating by drivers. designed to cheat public's money, huh? by the way, hope this CHAN KONG CHOY have an indefinite medical check-up in down under. After the damned RM4.6 billion fiasco in KPA, he has the temerity to sanction another public leeching scheme. Guess, MCA stands for MONEY COLLECTION AGENCY OR MOST CORRUPTED AGENCY.