Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lulu Thinks, With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

On Sunday, Lulu saluted the young and the fearless. Yee Yang Yang of UPM had the support of his friends when he went the the student affairs office to reclaim his "confiscated" items. Even though the officers there got nasty, his friends stood by him.

MCA however, DOES NOT have friends like Yang Yang does.
When push comes to shove, this is what their closest partner tells them.

Najib tells MCA: Explain yourself to voters
If the Chinese Malaysian community perceives that the MCA is under-performing, it is because the political party has not adequately explained its efforts to protect their interests. This was Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s take on why the MCA, a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party, has fallen in the estimation of its constituents.
In an interview published today by Sin Chew Daily, Najib said the MCA has been told to go all out to correct such sentiments, especially with the anticipation that there will be a swing in Chinese support to opposition parties in the next general election.
Najib, who is also the BN deputy chairperson, was asked to comment on the community’s anger with the MCA and the party’s possible loss of political support.
There is also a widely-held sentiment among MCA leaders that - while they are busy ‘fire fighting’ - other BN leaders are setting fires and stirring up the community’s feelings on numerous issues that affect its interests.
Najib appeared to differ with the view but told the MCA that its challenge is to explain various government policies to the community.
Some early in the morning thoughts

1. With friends like your buddy who gives this kind of advise, who proclaims on a whim and fancy that we are an Islamic state, who suka-suka, waves the sword, who needs enemies? As it is, UMNO is doing a fantastic job.

2. Ha!Ha! Time for another roadshow to explain "various government policies" to the community? Haiyo.... is MCA sure they want to go around further proving the "running dog" theory? Lulu has ngam-ngam cham-cham about OKT's claim that MCA is the voice of the Chinese here.

3. MCA chose to go to bed with UMNO. There are personal beneficiaries of course, afterall, how many MCA State Assemblymen and MPs do you know who drive humble cars? MOB illustrates their position aptly in the poster below.


Anonymous said...

personal beneficiaries? this must be the understatement of the decade! how do you describe the RM4.6 billion PKA. In cohorts? And now E-Kesihatan which is going to line someone's pocket to the tune of RM0.5 billion for the duration of the 15 year concession. In cohorts again?

Anonymous said...

I'm more well disposed to the real dog in the picture, rather than the MCA, and the likes although it isn't a particular handsome one.


Anonymous said...

I object to the comparison between MCA & our canine mate.

It's unfair to drag mens best friend to such low level.