Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lulu Thinks The Anti-Corruption Sandiwara Has Begun

Maybe the PM realised that there are some Malaysians out there who remember his anti-corruption pledge, and decides to offer some sacrifices to appease his voters.

The first to go are three cops.
PUTRAJAYA: Three senior police officers found it did not pay to break the rules when two of them were sacked and another demoted.
The punishment meted out against the trio was announced by Prime Minister
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday
-NST For marrying again, senior police officer sacked and another demoted

oo-wow-wee. The PM makes this very important announcement.
oo-wow-wee. Action is taken. It doesnt pay to break the rules in the Malaysia civil service.
oo-wow-wee... if you think Lulu's impressed, then, errhhh, you must be one of those who voted for BN in the last GE.

But Lulu definetly thinks the sandiwara has begun.
If you're some mid-level corrupt fool, Lulu warns you to be careful. You may be next on the sacrificial table.

Will the CJ be on the list?
Lulu don't know, and can only guess that it depends on the PM's popularity index. If need be, the CJ will be sacrificed. Afterall, the lingam tapes were in the M era. Not Badawi's "fault".


Anonymous said...

sacked for marrying again? you must be kidding. more like sacked for being in the wrong camp!
this PM has lost all credibility.

Duh said...

Eh? For a minor thing like this, the PM makes the announcement?

For the major things like AP scandal, highway cracking, Zakaria's Klang mansion, Razak Baginda, unlawful detentions of bloggers (which is major for the sheer heavyhandedness), "Bangsa Malaysia" fiasco, and MANY MANY other important issues affecting us... HE KEEPS QUIET and lets Najib, Nazri and even KJ who is not in the Parliament do the talking???????????

Tak masuk akal!!

Anonymous said...

For marrying again, senior police officer sacked and another demoted--- Then what about the PM who married again? And with his sis-in-law at that!

Anonymous said...

It's that usual selfsame Tokenism yet again....a molehill exalted as a mountain. The MSM will attempt to give their superhuman support.


denzook said...

yes, our PM has married again isn't it. so he should be be SACKED SACKED SACKED. Even the DPM also remarry one. He also should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

His (re)marriage is his business but his initial rejection of the report that it's a rumor(by Bolehland's official definition of the world, means untrue)makes him a dishonest man, no less.


zewt said...

i think it began long ago.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Zewt, you may have hit the bullseye - in more ways than one.


Pearls said...

Hehehe.. our country's internal affairs maciam itu Dynasty/Dallas series aired during the 80s!!

Sigh.. For goodness sake la.. can someone go and tell the PM not to make a fool of himself!? He got no news to keep his presence in the press izzit? Aiyoo.. if he wants to make himself like a hero in the war of corruption, he also pick a meatier target la.. maybe some minister or some big time corporate figure.. What's with all these kecik mayong stories like kahwin peserta nombor dua?

Sigh.. mother of all stupids!