Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lulu Salutes The Young and The Fearless

One of these student's friends was "visited" by the Hal-Ehwal Pelajar of his university and his laptop, handphone, MP4 player, 2 pendrives, leaflets and personal documents were confiscated without giving written acknowledgment of the items confiscated.

His friends stood by him and walked with him in his pursuit for justice.

It makes Lulu think, how many of us would stand by our friends and walk with them? This walk is no walk in the park. There would probably be consequences.
Are we willing to do the right thing, especially when it will cost us something?

Read more about the incident at Mainstream politics and criminal intimidation in campus elections?


Michael Sun said...

I join Lulu in saluting these brave young students.

There is hope for Malaysia. The video reminds me of the brave students standing infront of the Chinese Army tanks in Tian An Men square. Wow! not that dramatic - a Proton only lah.

Anonymous said...

thuggery espoused by the ruling party has even spread to the universities. guess, monkey see monkey do. and these monkeys are protected by the moronic powers-that-be.

carboncopy said...

Many of times the young and bold get shot down or discouraged not because of oppression by the system; but by those who come before them.

Lets walk and stand by the young and bold, as they make their stand.

denzook said...

scary scary ...

those students, human blockade somemore, don't think bout the aftermath - they will be expelled for sure, 9 of them. Why ? Excerpts some of the tatatertib:

Students may be disbarred from continuing their studies -
1) Behave in an unacceptable manner
2) Take part in activities in contravention of the Universities and Colleges Act

In complete sentence - No person, while he is a student of the University, shall express or do anything which many be construed as expressing support, sympathy or opposition to any political party or trade union or as expressing support or sympathy with any unlawful organization, body or group of persons.

I was wondering if this confiscate actually is to smoke out other members. The students are very lucky, the pengawal, if he was that ruthless, can actually just drive knock down the students and citing their car out of control (handbrake fails, or accidental step the gas) and the ultimate fault is the students for not moving away. And sure the police, dpp, and judge will side with the upm.

however, i must salute the students, though.

carboncopy said...

Watching the video it invokes memories.

Anger, disgust.

Am proud of the students that show such calm and clear mindedness and resolute in the face of state sponsored gangsters.

Rauff said...

Can we also include the petition to the Agong for the amendments to AUKU as well? Students are the people also.

Well done to the chap and his band of friends.

Anonymous said...

when theres no more reasoning and rationale behind their sordid act, intimidation and threats are the only way. How often you see the powers=that-be especially the loud mouth Nazri behaving similarly.