Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Lulu Quiz

can you tell me, without searching it online, from the top of your head,
How many universities are there in Malaysia?

Do you know how many there are today? Lulu looked it up Direktori IPTS.
Let Lulu shock you with the list.

Public Universities
1.Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (UDM)
2. Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM)
3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
4. Universiti Malaya (UM)
5. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)
6. Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)
7. Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)
8. Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
9. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
10. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)
11. Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)
12. Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)
13. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
14. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia(USIM)
15. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
16. Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
17. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
18. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
19, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia(UTHM)
20. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

I'm sure by now, you're wondering, what's Lulu's problem in all this.
Please be patient as Lulu explains.

Lulu's currently reading Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat.
TF gave very high marks to India for setting up the Indian Institutes of Technology.
Lulu's going to pick up some bits from his book.

"The IITs became islands of excellence by not allowing the general debasement of the Indian system to lower their exacting standards," noted the Wall Street Journal (April 16, 2003).
"You couldn't bribe your way to get into an IIT... Candidates are accepted only if they pass a grueling entrance exam. The government does not interfere with the curriculum and the workload is demanding."
and when the Y2K bug needed a fix,This computer remediation work was a huge, tedious job. Who in the world had enough software engineers to do it all?
Answer : India, with all the techies from all those IITs and private technical colleges and computer schools.
pg 131
Look at India today in terms of IT advancement. They're such a great success. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India has 10,000 individual dollar millionaires.
It's not like Malaysia did not foresee the future of IT. We build a whole township called Cyberjaya to cater to this need.

Where-o-where did we fail?
Look how the IITs were run. Ours ran totally contrary of what the IITs did. We took in, and are still taking in candidates who got there based on a "helping the weaker race" policy, who are so weak, we "help" them by offering kelas tambahan, we "help" them again by moving the grading curve, we "help" them graduate out of university, and they graduate, and they are basically unemployable because of they were helped all the way. I wish the story ended here, but the government "helps" them (again!) by employing them, hence inflating our emolument expenses.
Can you see how we have failed to produce choice employees in this era of globalisation?
Our jaguh kampungs can barely stand in the local arena, how are we, this nation, going to take advantage of this borderless world?

Our politicians are too busy churning our graduates to be able to boast that "The number of Malay graduatess has increased many-many fold (so we need to preserve the NEP)". Alas, tese young ones come out posessing nothing other than that piece of paper with little education or thinking skills with them.
Our politicians are too busy promising universities to "borderline" states. When they build them, we wonder how much was siphoned out of the kononnya "cost". We wonder who will staff these universities. But we dont wonder where they will find the students from.
Our politicians are too busy main-ing politik with the universities. The best man did not get the job. If you are of the right race and not vocal about the ruling party, probably. If you are of the of the right race and has shown to be a very willing with the ruling party, definetly.

We seriously need to produce quality graduates. Churning out graduates is not enough for a flat world.

Thomas Friedman is an excellent and relevant writer on the topic of globalisation.
You can follow his column on the New York Times
oh... if you're not smart like Lulu, Lulu advises you to read more and let the writings of the smarter person make you sound a bit smarter. So, if you think our PM not so smart, could you please offer this piece of advise to him. Lulu would do it herself, but she tak kenal him.

SIM KWANG YANG contemplates this issue at Failing Malaysian varsities


koolgeek said...

When an educated Datuk goes the extra miles to defend NEP, it tells a bit why NEP will continue the rot.

I bet he understand Globalization better than many Jaguh Kampungs, but still.. NEP is a must.

Anonymous said...

Don't count on that CardDeal fella to be on the level just because he blogs. Not just because he left Jln. Riong. The Goebbel stigma stays and will not wash.


Anonymous said...

Churning out mediocrity is not unlike runaway inflation remedied by printing out more money - like what Zimbabwe is now doing.


Anonymous said...

Patrick Teoh has the niamah seeking missiles on target at
in "The little things".