Monday, September 24, 2007

Lulu Plays "Spot The Holes In The Story"

aka Lulu Thinks, With Cops Like These, Who Needs Robbers

Exciting things were happening at the Apollo market yesterday.
The Sun reports that a commotion occured between the police and a crowd of about 200 people at the Apollo market on Jalan Raja Uda during a raid on an illegal VCD stall yesterday.

The People's Version
They said a man dressed in a tee-shirt and shorts had approached, drawn a
firearm and hit a man who was taking care of the VCD stall with a pistol butt.
That was when those who were there surrounded him until the other policemen came.
This was what the shoppers and hawkers saw, and their conviction about what had happened was so strong, they actually went to the police station to lodge a report on the incident as they saw it.

The Police Version (the Sun)
The police claimed it was a misunderstanding because the policement involved were in civilian clothes.
The shoppers and the hawkers claimed a man with a pistol had staged a "robbery".
According to Seberang Prai Utara district police chief, ACP Wan Abdullah Tengku Said, police had received information about VCD peddlers selling pronographic VCDs at the market at about 11am.
"Two policement, who lived in the community, were sent to the scene to investigate, but they went in civilian clothes, and while one waited outside the market, the other went in."
He said when the VCD peddlar, a Chinese woman, believed to be from mainland China, saw the policeman approaching, she ran away"
"While the policeman was collecting the VCDs, someone in the crowd shouted ompak and more than 200 shoppers and hawkers surrounded him.
"He then produced his authority card to show proof that he was a policeman. At the same time, Butterworth OCS Chief Insp Zamri Shariff arrived and managed to calm
the situation"
additional Police Version (The Star)
An undercover operation “backfired” when 200 people confronted two policemen in Jalan Raja Uda, mistaking them for robbers.
The policemen, in plainclothes, had gone to an open-air market at about 11am following a tip-off that porn VCDs were being openly sold.
The duo were said to have flashed their authority cards, following which two VCD peddlers made a getaway. The policemen then went on to seize the VCDs that were placed on a table.
The crowd, suspecting something amiss, surrounded the shabbily-dressed olicemen. Someone then shouted rompak, rompak! (robbery!).
During the commotion, four men carted away the seized VCDs. The standoff with the police lasted about an hour. A man was brought back to the Butterworth police station for questioning and released later.
North Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdullah Tuanku Said, who said the incident arose due to a “misunderstanding”, added that both policemen maintained that they had shown their authority cards.
“My men said they identified themselves but several witnesses said they did not do that,” he told a press conference at the Butterworth police contingent headquarters.
He said the two policemen, who sensed trouble after seeing the crowd swell, radioed for assistance.
ACP Wan Abdullah said policemen in patrol cars hurried to the scene.
He said police would investigate claims that one of the policemen had a scuffle with a man and brandished a pistol at him.
The holes that Lulu has spotted
1. Fair enough, they can wear plain clothes. BUT, if it was an operation, why were two cops who were at home, dressed casually, sent to carry out the ops. It was not like there were no policement around cos when they got ino trouble, were able to summon to help, and backup hurried to the scene.

2. Was it one cop at the booth sapu-ing, or two cops? Is there no code such that you never work alone? How could he have gone in alone, whilst the other "kept watch" outside the market?

3. Were there two VCD peddlars or one, who is conveiniently described as a woman, believed to be from mainland China.

4. Why would the VCD peddlar run away when she saw the policeman approaching? He was dressed shabbily, not in policeman attire. How would she know him from the average Joe.... unless a> she does not exist b> he was swinging his gun

Lulu's sure you can spot a lot more holes in this story.

And if Lulu understands the psyche of the Chinese traders correctly, unless they firmly believe in what they saw as the truth, they would not court trouble from the police. No way they would go to the police station to lodge their report. You get what I mean?


Anonymous said...

"unless they firmly believe in what they saw as the truth, they would not court trouble from the police. No way they would go to the police station to lodge their report."
Absolutely uncharacteristic of them to do so. Don't believe in cops' version.


denzook said...

you may never know if the poilice confiscates the cds and watch them at home - isn't this is rompakan ?

team bsg said...

since he can't get the china sweet lady he went for the dvds also can lah. nowsadays got many false ministers , police and religious men so must be careful.

Anonymous said...

Times have changed. Cops who don't dressed like cops and cops behaving like thieves. hantu(s) dressed in coats and ties and animals dressed for debates. Have you seen "cute" (real) animals dressed like humans. Yes, this world is one messed up place.

Sweet talking politicians behaving like angels with wings but will soon fly away after getting your votes. Or honey-dew election promises or even willing to wash your feet to get your vote but soon behave arrogantly once he receives "your" power. Nazi politicians that cause more damage than the evil one. It's the Malaysia of the 21st century for you.


denzook said...

while on the other hand, we heard a lot bogus cops robbing, cheating, kidnapping and even raping. is showing off his .38 S/W revolver and some live bullets justify he's a policeman ? is brandishing his handcuff and baton enough to say he's a policeman ? is showing his id that looks like mykad with some toto number prove his a policeman ? and the police spends effort to educate the public identifying "real" policemen. maybe they should start educate themselves first.

the star reported they are undercovers. what a stupid undercover they are to expose themselves like that.

Anonymous said...

Why should an "undercover" cop be seizing goods without uniformed ones present as well? Is this the correct procedure??


carboncopy said...

Don't be so harsh on those PRDM. They are just giving tuition to the public that ANYBODY with a gun or handcuffs and some "kad kuasa" in any clothing or no clothing is POLIS.

On a serious note, we really need to dig out what is the procedure for gun handling by police. Are the police of ANY rank allow to bring guns back home when they are off duty?

Another question is, why does our traffic cops need semi-automatic guns?

See car running a red light; bang, shoot out the tyre. That sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

Lulu's game is a real tough one. It actually more like one of counting the holes in a sieve.


Anonymous said...

Undercover police should be dressed as beggars with begging bowls to evade attention

Anonymous said...

Those Police are taking their IQ level to tackle the IQ of the Public.

This is a serious problem not lesser than the two cops killed in Sungai Buloh "Drug Raid" as both are missing the proper procedures! This could, if not properly and strictly promoted with proper procedures with a clear understanding not only the cops but also the citizens, the next episode could end-up with citizens being killed.

1. To take any robber with a gun as Police
2. To doubt any police a police!

By the way, where are those VCD being seized?

Will an investigation report be produced? Any similarity with the one on the "Drug Raid"?